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Montbell Sale on Ultralight Rain Gear

Montbell is currently selling off the older versions of their Versalite rain jackets and rain pants. They pack down small and only weigh a few ounces. I hiked through the Andes with the rain pants and was very pleased with their performance. The pants breathed and I stayed dry even after 5 days of rain.

Both the jacket and the rain pants are small enough to stuff into a purse. The stored jackets are about the size of a soda can, the pants are about one half that. For comparison purposes, the Marmot PreCip weighs 13 oz while the Versalite weighs 6.7 oz.

The items on sale are:

Thank you for this information. I heard that Montbell makes excellent hiking products and was curious about them. These jackets you posted should be a great help to anyone traveling to Scotland. I recommend chosing a larger size to wear over a layer or two. As a woman, I like the fuller cut of men's jackets just for layering. Thank you Cindy H.

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I was intrigued, as we are planning a five-day backpack trip in the Sierras and are trying to go as light as we can. So I weighed my Patagonia Torrentshell jacket. At 9.9 ounces, it is low enough that I am not tempted to replace it to save four ounces. I wore this jacket through four days of rain on the Milford Track in New Zealand and stayed nice and dry.

The regular price on this jacket is $129, a bit lower than the Montbell. It is often on sale for under $90 on various sites like REI,, sierratradingpost, and the Patagonia website. Lots of colors available.

So the Montbell is a good choice if you absolutely need to consider every last ounce of your travel clothing. But if you would like to spend less, or want a color other than red or black, and can live with the extra four ounces, you might take a look at Patagonia.

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Cindy H, any idea how "crackly" these jackets are? The "noisiness" of jackets like the PreCip is one of the complaints I hear.

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@Stan - I’d say they are more nylon swooshy than crackly, although there is some crackle. The material is fairly limp.

@lola - I’ve had a Torrentshell in the past and it is a great and stylish jacket. I personally have a Kyoto because I prefer the styling for city wear.

With all that said, both the Torrentshell and the Kyoto are over twice the bulk of the Versalite. The Versalite when stored is about the size of a soda can. The pants are even smaller.

I travel with the Kyoto jacket and the Versalite pants.