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Money belt during security at museums/palaces

I'm planning on wearing a money belt for my upcoming trip to Europe, but what do you do when you walk through security at a museum? Are you expected to take it off?

How do you put it back on without anyone noticing? Am I overthinking this?

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Money belts won't set off metal detectors, so don't sweat it. As an alternative you could use a hotel room safe to store your excess cards/cash/passport.

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Any heavy metal objects in your money belt? If not, don't worry. This is not airport grade security. Put cameras and cell phones in the tray for inspection and go through the metal detector.
I remember going through the line at the Orsay and was trying to make sure I got all the coins, which slowed the line for just a second. The security guard leaned over and said something in a quiet voice that I did not understand, so I asked him to repeat. In a deliberate voice he slowly said "Do you have a gun?" "No." We both laughed and he nodded to get through the metal detector and move on.

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You identify the awkwardness of using money belts; a neck pouch is easier to fetch from beneath your shirt. Once I had a zipper on a money pouch set off an alert. My current neck bag has some sort of synthetic zip that has never been noticed. As has been said, the sensitivity of a museum machine is likely to be far less acute than an airport check. But I don't carry valuables around the streets anyhow. They stay at the hotel. Wallet with some currency, one credit card and a photocopy of my passport info is kept snugly under my arm in an across-the-chest shoulder bag.

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My money belt (one of the RS ones you can buy here) has never set off a metal detector. I don't carry anything metal in it - coins, keys, etc. so there is no need to take it off.

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I think you are over thinking it. My experience with museum security is that they are more interested in what is in your bag.

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Hi Nira, the airport is the only place I've needed to remove my money belt. I zip in into the top pocket of my carry-on and put it on after Security. It won't matter at museums or other attractions. Don't let this question keep you from wearing a money belt! :)

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Thanks everyone, first trip to Europe, so definitely overthinking

You aren't overthinking it; it's good to be prepared. I'm glad you asked the question as I have thought about this question as well. Hope you have a great trip!

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I have seen people keep coins in their money belts, but they were doing it wrong. Those go in a regular wallet for easy access.

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I love Sam's story! I was in line at St Chapelle to go thru security before the evening concert. I was first in line and had been chatting with the guy at the door before he let us in. As I started to go thru he leaned over and whispered - Leave your money belt on, it's OK. We both laughed and I headed thru the metal detector.

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Same situation for Green Bay Packer games, Milwaukee Brewer games, and even classical music concerts in Florida.

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Hi Nira,
Sounds like you're feeling sufficiently reassured, but I'll just chime in to encourage you in your plans to use a money belt. I wear one 24/7 when traveling (containing passport, back up credit card, $100 in emergency cash, and a list of important phone numbers). It's just there in case of emergency, so I never access it, no one knows I have it, and I forget I'm wearing it. My regular ID, credit cards, local currency, etc are in my purse.

When I read your question, it dawned on me that I'd worn my money belt through museum security multiple times on two recent trips to London--including the "airport-style" security at Skygarden and Parliament. No problems whatsoever, even though it has a metal zipper and metal d-ring.

I never wear my money belt through ACTUAL airport security. It's in my purse for that.

Hope you have a wonderful trip!