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Men's Travel Pants

Looking for opinions on the best men's pants for traveling

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Levi 501s.

Buttons, not a zipper. No flap on the rear pocket so you can get your wallet out fast. Reinforced with manly rivets. No hand grenade pockets to snag on train seats. They're almost briar-proof but can get snagged on barbwire. Seldom visibly wrinkle. The watch pocket is a definite plus.

You can dress them up with an Armani jacket for those special evenings.

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"Best" travel pants is like asking whats the "best" food. its subjective and will vary to what fits you or others needs/wants.

I wear jeans 100% of the time at home, but on my travels ive been trying "travel" type pants.

try your local REI and see what they have an offer.

I like the "travel" pants since some are lighter - less bulk and dry faster than denim. Also, when you sweat denim will get sticky.

also, depending on where and what youre going to do, may make a difference in what type you wear.

i try to find pants with rear zippered/button pockets.

what it comes down to is that there is no reason you can take your favorite pants from home on your travels and buy something to try. if you do more traveling you will eventually find your own style and likes and go from there.

happy trails.

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My husband is going with two pair of convertibles ( legs zip off at knees) and a pair of golf pants. The golf pants can be worn for a dressier look, but they are light-weight and don't wrinkle. He has one pair of the converts in a nylon-type fabric ( REI) and a pair I got from Travelsmith that are poplin. The latter pair was more expensive, but he says he can use them for golf, too.

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DH travels with a pair of black jeans, a pair of dark Dockers (usually his navy ones) and a pair of light Dockers (beige). He doesn't like the synthetic fabrics and we almost always travel to Europe in the off- or shoulder seasons. He packs for 3-4 weeks.

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I would personally never take jeans. Just too heavy and too hard to care for. My best travel pants came from Sams Club a few years ago but have not seen anything similar in recent years. My preference is for a blended fabric. My current pants are a 30% cotton blend with a synthetic fabric. Light weight, cool, and easy to hand wash if necessary. I avoid the zip off legs because I think they look stupid and touristy - just personal opinion. REI has a line of Adventure clothing that works well. And often can find travel oriented clothing in big department stories.

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Hi Gregory, my BF bought a couple pair of the Travel Ex pants from Eddie Baur and likes them a lot. They are lightweight and dry very quickly.

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We've been going around with that question ourselves, and came up with the prAna stretch Zion pant- originally designed for rock climbers, so very comfortable, and dressy enough for in town casual use if you put a button down shirt on top. Should wash and dry reasonably well in a hotel bathroom as needed.

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Thanks to Patty for the golf pants idea and Donna for the Eddie Bauer Travelex. Since my husband rarely buys clothes, he's now set for the rest of his life. Oh and one pair of jeans.

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I wasn't sure what to pack for my husband, who is expanding around the waist at record speed these days. In addition to all elastic waist sweats he wears around the house, I wanted him in something a bit nicer for travel and dinners out. I did some research and found that Sansabelt pants were back in business, so I picked up two pair. Since he doesn't have to wear a belt with them, yet they look tailored, he is much more comfortable on long flights and dinner indulgences. I find they wash up nicely and don't wrinkle--a real boon for travel, plus they come in a lot of colors.

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I have gone to Europe 11 of the last 12 years for a month and am going again next month. I take 3 pairs of ExOfficio pants, including one that zips off to use as shorts or a swimming suit. The are a little pricy but are easy to wash in the sink or tub and dry easily overnight. I have heard too many folks complaining about the drying time for jeans and have seen some folks take the time to take them to a laundry mat so they can dry more quickly. They are not really a sink wash fabric. I have traveled from the Scandinavian countries down thru Spain and Portugal, thru Eastern Europe and Turkey always in the spring or fall and they have served me well. I also take three pairs of under ware and socks, also from ExOfficio and travel in one carry-on sized suitcase and one day bag both of RS origin. Happy travels. aloha

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Jeans are great at home but I don't consider them great travel pants. Too heavy and bulky in my carry-on plus they take forever to dry if you're caught in the rain. If you don't machine wash and overdry them, they are likely to stay saggy in the seat and knees.

I like something that can go from casual to somewhat dressy, handwash and hang dry well, and dry quickly if you are caught in a rain-storm. For me ideal is a slim-fit golf pant (non-cotton) or the equivalent. Right now I'm wearing Perry Ellis Travelux modern or city-fit pants I picked up on sale at Macy's.

Depending on my itinerary, I'll take two pairs in khaki, grey, black or sage, plus a pair of warm up pants with zippered pockets (replaces jeans when I want to go really casual) and normally a pair of board shorts that can double as walking shorts when needed.

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Here's a link to a picture, there are other similar pants (and they're on sale). I like these more than most "travel" pants. Even though they are lightweight and permanent press, they are built like real pants and fit nicely.