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Men's proper dress for Portugal in Sept

Planning for our 7th RS Tour and I have never packed or felt I needed shorts. We are carry on travels so space is limited.

One of Rick's comments is:
"While Europeans do wear casual clothing, their definition of casual is a bit dressier than ours. Shorts are uncommon on older women and in big cities, and the cutoff temperature for "hot enough for shorts" is much higher than in the US. Especially in southern Europe, women can blend in with the locals by wearing Capri pants or a skirt instead; men can pack a pair of as-light-as-possible pants.

Has the norm changed. I see more photos in this web site with men in shorts and T-shirts. Recent RS travelers and guides I would like your input.

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We were in Portugal in the spring of 2023. Shorts on men (and women) were everywhere. My husband has a few pairs of pants with zip off legs that can be handy, though I think they look more casual than a nice pair of shorts.

For women of all ages, we did see a lot of dresses and skirts.

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That is great to know. We leave the beginning of June and my 20 something kids were asking if they should take some shorts.

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We were in Portugal in September, 2023. I wore shorts everyday. I also wore athletic arm and leg sleeves for UV protection. When we went out for dinner, I wore light casual pants. I could have gone to dinner in shorts but if I'm going to pack pants I'm going to use them.

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I think some of Rick's information needs to be updated. Just watch a few YouTube videos and shorts are the thing to wear. Everyone is wearing shorts and gym shoes. Come on Rick get in the know. Leaving Aug 1 for a two month stay and shorts are packed and ready to go.

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If its hot or, you're more comfortable wearing shorts, go for it.
The issue is do you look like soup-sandwich that just came off the beach or cruise ship or, do you look smart and show some care about your appearance? It's all about wearing what's appropriate; if its over 80-85F throw on the shorts.

Go to southern Europe, the older locals will wear pants, you usually only see shorts on those who are active or, younger. Capri's are very common during hotter months, old ladies in sleeveless sundress aren't uncommon either. As for t-shirts, as long as it looks smart and clean and not emblazoned with some giant statement or, obnoxious graphic you should be good; you can be stylish a bit and go with a v-neck versus a traditional crew neck style.

The difference is when American's wear shorts, it's usually athletic wear or, swim trunks, very casual and not exactly smart in appearance for visiting a venerated location or, going out to dinner. The other issue is footwear....flip-flops, slides and mules on guys isn't a good look when showing up for a nice dinner; the owners will likely turn you away not wanting to see exposed toes. Going sockless is currently on-trend, a nice pair of slip-on's either Sketchers, boat-shoes, Olu Kai's etc will suffice.

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Thanks for your comments. I think I am more in line with your thoughts than others. My decision is to stay with the more traditional RS type. Specially since mid 70 high temperatures in Portugal in Late September. Our seven previous RS tours were mostly upscale casual with some exceptions. Plus the new tech fabrics are so much easier to pack in those small carry ons
We will be seeing some of you in Lisbon on Sept 18th
Don & Cyndi