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Men's Pants on Sale - Costco

At the local Costco store, their brand - men's nylon "active" pants - reduced price at $15. For $20, you can purchase Eddie Bauer men's "adventure" pants.

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Thanks, Bruce -- I needed an excuse ...err, "reason" ... to go to Costco.

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And Costco is featuring Greg Norman travel pants in stores and on-line right now.

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Bought a pair yesterday. They look great, don't wrinkle, and weigh nothing. Perfect for packing light. You know how Costco is--you better buy stuff when you see it because next time you go it will be gone.

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Are these the UBX travel pants from Costco? I have multiple pairs and they are terrific. However, I just bought a pair of ridiculously expensive Nike golf slacks (regular price $70) and they are stretchy, comfortable and even lighter (10 ounces vs. 14) than the Costco pants.

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Probably regional for the Costco brand. Local had the Greg Norman @$18. I scooped up 2 pair of the stylish Eddie Bauer @ $20. Claim is water resistant.