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Medium size bags

Any recommendation for medium-sized, checked sized bags? I’m searching eBags, but haven’t found anything that I like. I want something larger than a carry-on, but small enough that I don’t feel like I am traveling with my entire closet. Thanks!!

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I'm in the same boat, plus I would really like to find something with 2 (typically sturdier) wheels rather than 4 spinner wheels.

I suggest spending some time looking at luggage in local stores--Marshalls, TJMaxx, department stores like Macy's, etc. Take a measuring tape, because manufacturers are not consistent in how they measure their luggage, the main difference being whether they include handles and wheels. In person you can compare weights and get some idea of sturdiness.

TravelPro makes some nice-quality bags (but may have different lines of varying quality). The IT bags are not particularly sturdy (the wheels, alas), but they are extremely lightweight. Many people swear by higher-end bags that cost more but are more sturdily made, some of which have meaningful guarantees.

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I like Travelpro bags. I have had my 2 wheeled carry on for quite some time. I just got back from Europe last week. This time I had to actually check a bag, so I bought a medium size 4 wheeled Travelpro. I had a carry on with 4 wheels in the past, and it did not work well on cobble stones. It is the same with my new bag, so I just used it as a 2 wheeled bag at those times. I checked out the different sites on line, and purchased it where I got the best price. It is a Maxlite, so it weighs less than some of the other bags.

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It's worth reading through earlier threads in this Packing forum. As you might expect, the subject of suitcases comes up frequently.

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We really like our eagle creek bags. Lightweight, sturdy, and great functionality. We got a decent deal on ours through REI.

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We bought Ricardo bags at Costco and used for half a dozen trips. Air France thru JFK ripped a wheel off (repaired at their expense) but otherwise the main wear and tear has been the corners. One thing I didn't like was the outer/front pockets -- both went the length of the bag so anything small slid all the way to the bottom.

Bought an inexpensive Travelpro maxlite at Tuesday Morning (under $50) that is similar but has better protection on the corners and one of the front zippered pockets is shorter. One caution with them is the pull handles are wider than others making it a tight fit for some carryon bags to slide over.

As someone else said grab a tape measure and go to several stores and look at different bags, features, prices, etc.

Check out LLBean luggage. Stay with a 24" case. You will have to check this bag. Eagle Creek is always a winner. Check out Eddie Bauer luggage. Samsonite. Do you want 2 or 4 wheels? I prefer 2 wheels. Budget? Go for a brand with good durability. Use packing cubes for space efficiency and organization. Packing cubes help more than you think! Delsey luggage works. Medium quality and price. Fair value.

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I'm a TravelPro guy too. We have two sets--22" and 21" UltraLite with swivel wheels that we're currently using. I see no reason to carry more for a 2 week, 3 weekend trip than what goes in them.

I'm sorry, but we've just had too many problems with checked luggage over the years On one trip, I was singled out 3 times for personal security checks, and the last time in Prague security caused my bag to miss getting on my plane--with my electronic car key in the suitcase. We had to spend 2 days in the Atlanta airport waiting for my bag to arrive.

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I used a 25” Ebags Expandable bag for my 2-week grad residencies. Needed that size to pack a pillow and small fan, with room for heavy books on the return trip. The bag is purple, so it’s easy to spot on a carousel, but at 9 pounds empty, it’s a beast. Can’t imagine traveling with it for a lot of transfers (train, bus.). My son used it for a cruise with his youth band (tux, etc.).

If it would work for your needs, I’d suggest a largish 22” carryon to check. That would also work as carryon for some domestic flights like Southwest (extending the value). Expanded, or loaded heavy, the 22” bag could check. You can choose a stackable carryon piece and small personal item, and still be able to navigate with all 3 bags. I know I’d despise using my purple Ebag in the Paris subway or TGV!

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Another Travel Pro fan here. Our 24", 2-wheelers are 13 years old, still going strong, and are the perfect (checked) size for us. Trouble is, they don't make 2-wheelers in 24" anymore, and we refuse to go to spinners so 🤞 they hold up for some years yet!

This Travelpro Maxlite 26" was voted Business Insider's 2019 #1 all-around bag but it's a little large for this 5' 1" traveler:

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I'm another Eagle Creek fan- well made and hard to destroy bags in a variety of sizes and types. They also tend to change styles often and put their discontinued models up for good sale discounts both on their own web site and third party sites like Sierra Trading Post during winter months.

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I agree with Selkie, especially where you will always be.checking the bag. EAgle Creek has a great warrantee, too and they are solid, well made bags. I recall reading that the baggage people love 4 wheeled suitcases as they just push them over to the next guy and so the take less of a beating than two wheeled bags.