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can meds be put in med planners boxes in my carry on or should they be packed in the prescription bottles? Does the same apply to over the counter vitamins etc that we may take.

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You could do a search on 'medications' and gets lots of threads on this subject. Here is one from about a year ago with lots of answers, be sure to read them all as there are some disagreements but I think there is a general agreement that it's ok as long as you bring copies of the prescription labels. I always pack my daily meds in little plastic baggies, one for each morning and one for evening - both prescription and OTC meds and I bring copies of prescription labels. Sometimes there are just too many to bring individual original containers.

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Nobody looks at medications being carried out of the US and certainly not going into Europe. I think the only issue you would have is a large amount of unmarked medications returning to the US. The US is one who gets picky. Since we sometimes travel for up to six weeks we will have large zip locks of pills of various nature. None are controlled substances just routine vits, etc. The only reason to carry a prescription - should be a generic name - is if you need a refill in Europe. The prescription will not be honored but it is a starting point in the process of getting a prescription filled in Europe.

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If you're worried you can actually have your meds put in blister packs. It will cost you money in the US. The blister packs are marked just like your pill minder - by day and time. Call your pharmacy and Doctor and ask. It's a great solution especially when crossing time zones. The blister packs provide better protection than the boxes do.

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That's what I do...put a week's supply in the planner. The rest I leave in the prescription containers, likewise with vitamins. The prescription meds are part of the carry on shoulder sack.

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My pharmacy automatically prints out a list of all my prescriptions with the dates every time I get one filled. You could take the list and then pack the drugs in format which is easier for you to pack.

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My husband and I went to REI before our tour and purchased small bottles in their camping supply aisle. The Container Store also has these small bottles. I pulled the labels off the original bottles and wrapped them around the new smaller bottles; I also carried a print out of all of our medications. We had no problems. For the OTC just in case medications I bought small packs from the travel sample section at Walmart and Target.

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I don't take any prescription meds, but I do take vitamins and supplements, as well as over the counter Claritin. I just count out the number of doses I need while I am gone (plus a couple of days just in case of lost pills or a trip extension), and put them all in one ziploc bag. I have never been questioned about them.