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Medication taking into Australia

I was reading the American Airlines web site and came across, under their travel information, and specifically under international travel, that if you are traveling to Australia you have to declare all of your medication on a card. You then have to have documentation to "defend" the use of the medication. It says that if you do not do this then the medication could be confiscated.
Is this new? What I have gathered from this forum has been that it is easy to take your medication into other countries, not necessarily in the original bottles. Is this changing?

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What kind of medication?

I would rely on the Oz government websites rather than the airline. In addition to the one posted abobve, try this:

For small amounts of medication for personal use, you do not have to worry.

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It helps to get a letter from your doctor naming each medication and why you are taking it on his/her office letter head.
I carry my letter with me everywhere I go (international) and have only been questioned one time in Amsterdam and when I produced the letter they moved me on through security with no problems.

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and if there is over the counter stuff you are taking on a regular basis (ie, ibuprofen daily for inflammation, vitamin D, etc) your MD will probably be willing to add it to the list.