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Me Again! If my First Aid Kit is 1.2 lbs, Then...

....I so appreciate the expert advice here! Here is the most detailed packing list I've ever created. I still have to pack just one pair of shoes for the MyWay tour (makes me nervous!) and stay under KLM's 18 lbs limit. Or?
(If you don't like very detailed lists this will too boring! I personally love them, I always learn something new!)
Getting rid of another pound is feeling impossible? I am watching the weather, too far out to really help.
Thank you!
Carryon Only Packing List for Early June My Way Alpine Tour (20 total days including travel)
KLM limit under 18lbs (+ small under seat bag no weight limit)
Backpack (weighs 2.5 lbs empty)
Peak Design 30 liter expandable (has no camera inserts) in midnight black/blue
Comprehensive first aid kit stored in small Sea-Summit toiletries bag (1.2 lb)
(described in detail on its own thread) fits nicely in top of the bag's pouch-shape compartment
RS relevant tour pages and docs where laptop would go
Inside the clamshell single opening:
2-sided packing cube (PD medium)
One side has:
Hotel Room and Sleeping
Flip flop sandals for room/shower
Old sleeveless organic cotton long nightgown
4 pr unders (+ pair on plane)- this trip has 2 night hotel stays for sink washing and time to dry
2 bras (+ wear 1 on plane)
very small solid deodorant
very small solid sunscreen
small lint roller
vitamins ( I take 2-3/meal) in snack-size baggie, w a few little pill pouches labeled “bfast/lunch/dinner) to fill daily.
Other side of packing cube is for misc:
Extra KN95 masks (I never take them off!)
Using Aussie merino as primary mask (has 2 extra filters)
Pocket backpack for hike essentials
Pocket museum bag for 2 city day essentials before and after tour
2 small Euro chargers, basic small kind.
Folds flat rain resistant bucket-style sun hat for hikes
Silk/merino glove liners to use as gloves on hikes
If phone or wallet is lost, I scrawl credit card and other emergency #s and info etc on a little piece of paper. It would take some work to actually use it, if found, with my abbreviations!
Rest of the space:
I didn't use a packing cube, no room. But nothing is loose, it's just the clothes:
City Days 7-9
Ruti black “silky” barrel leg pants
Ruti black pima sleeveless cotton tank dress
Dark beige sl Cuts cropped cotton tee
White AYR sl white cropped cotton tee
Very lightweight merino black/white stripe ls sweater/tee
2 no show white Bombas socks
Hiking Days 6-7
Beige Outdoor Voices hiking pants (elastic option at ankles to tighten)
Dark gray Prana hiking pants (elastic at bottom)
1 pr Paka crew socks
2 Oona bamboo SL tee shirts (coffee brown and dk gray)
Ibix mostly merino very light ls hoodie (sun protection or extra layer)
Hiking or city and hotel over nightgown
Lightweight merino sweater (navy blue Sheep Inc)
Lightweight black Paka alpaca sweater (wearing on plane)
Plane purse (Hedgren brand small tote-black, older model) no weight limit
Turtl pillow ( takes up so much room!)
3-1-1 clear zip bag, minimal makeup
Samsung tablet, old school ear buds
Tiny clip on reading light
Small power pack
European power plug
Regular and prescription sunglasses
Documents needed initially
Pull on style soft money belt
Nut butter pouches and protein bars
Small stainless water bottle
Rolled very lightweight cashmere blend scarf
Black mini Crossbody
Mini wallet w credit cards/some euro bills and $100 US
Wear on plane
Rag and Bone lightweight “jean” wide legs
Black Bombas cropped sl tee
Black Paka sweater
On Cloud white super lightweight trainer-style shoes

? Black Jacket - last minute depending on weather forecast, water resistant warmish but very light

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I’d look at the number of bags you’re bringing. It seems like you have quite a few, and each add weight:

Mini cross body
Plane purse
Pocket backpack
Pocket museum bag
Backpack (is this your personal bag)
30 liter expandable (I assume thus is your carryon)

Can you do without the museum bag and pocket backpack? Or the plane purse? Can any of them do double duty, or be replaced by a souvenir bag you buy there? Believe me, I am a sucker for zippered bags/pouches. It’s actually embarrassing how many I have. And the more places you have to put things, the more places you put things. All those things take up space and weight.

Worst comes to worse, wear a jacket on the plane that has interior pockets. Fill those pockets with heavy stuff.

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Thank you!
Apologies- in my packing fugue state, I conflated KLM with Lufthansa's requirements! And then further down the minimalist packing rabbit hole I fell...
The good news is I am back where I started- a bid in for an upgrade on my flight to Europe on Lufthansa that won't change the weight allowance of 18 lbs (that I do still need to shave away a pound from)!
I'm deleting my size quotes, so nobody has to look at them- more apologies!
The backpack is my carry on and the small tote my underseat bag, with the crossbody worn onto the plane ( but put in the tote for the flight).
You are right about small bags adding up! I left out a small foldable duffel I always take ( and usually check on the way home with laundry, so I can buy gifts for family). The zippered museum bag and hiking backpack are 4 ounces together, so I appreciate your suggestion!

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I looks to me that between your two allowed bags (hand baggage and accessory (that's what they call it)), you have an allowance of 26 pounds. So theoretically KLM could weigh your accessory.

I can't really tell how many pairs of pants you're planning to take, but including what you wear on the plane, I think four, plus a sleeveless dress. Do you need four? I would only take three pairs. The same question about sweaters (or long-sleeved shirts); I'm not sure how many you're taking.

If you will be doing actual hiking, bring appropriate footwear; lightweight trail shoes should work if you have those (vs. heavier hiking boots). Obviously, wear the heaviest pair of shoes on the flight. Also, I'm a big believer in bringing two pairs of shoes, on the theory that my feet want a change from the same pair of shoes all the time. Not based on science, just my own feelings about my feet.

I can't imagine spending time in the mountains without a jacket in case of rain or wind (I didn't check the weather forecasts for the alps, but I live in the Rocky mountains). Even if the forecast is great and all sun on the day you leave for your trip, on a 20-day trip the weather is likely to change throughout, and then you'll wish you had a jacket.

Also, consider bringing one medium-weight sweater; the mountains can be cool, especially in the mornings or evenings.

Are you including all of the charge cords for any devices that need them? I bring an extra battery pack, which I tend to use - but primarily on days when we're out and about in a city all day, and are using the phone for navigation.

Have a

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You mention two different airlines.

If you are flying KLM, why are you contacting Lufthansa? Did you buy your ticket from Lufthansa? If so, they are going to give you their carry on rules. But if you are actually on a KLM plane, you follow their rules.

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Packing is one of the biggest challenge, especially the weight limit. You mentioned two airlines, I can confirm the Lufthansa does weigh the carry on suitcase (they weighed my husband and mine everytime). You will follow the baggage rules of the carrier flying you, even if it is a code share).

You have a great list to start, now is the tricky part of achieving the weight requirements. It is a personal choice on what you really need to bring. If you assume you will do laundry along the way you have some options to reduce some of your clothing: you may want to consider removing one pair of the pants, one of the sweaters. That would give you three pants for the trip and two sweaters. One question I ask myself is how often am I going to wear something and it it isn't more than once, it is removed from my suitcase.

The other area to look for weight reduction is the number of bags you are taking, can you reduce them to one bag that works for hiking & city.

One technique you can use, especially if you have room in the suitcase, you just don't meet the weight limit. Is to redistribute your heaviest items into your plane purse and then just readjust when you are on the tour.

Finally, I notice that there are two things not on your list that you might want to consider: collapsible water bottle and umbrella (if the weather looks rainy).

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Thanks more for the helpful replies! I did a total mindset adjustment to remind myself that the RS Alpine Europe tour's focus is....hiking in the Alps! (I really didn't want to dress like the PNW hiker I am for the flights and city days (2 in Munich pre-tour and 3 in France post-tour with no hiking- plus the long bus days on the tour.)
If I wear my (awesome) Finisterre hooded jacket on the plane, my non-negotiable 1.2 first aid kit fits in one of the pockets for check-in if the backpack is weighed. I also will wear my well- worn waterproof lightweight hiking boots, and the more comfortable of the 2 hiking pants (that's all I own!) on the plane, too.
Now the problem is the widely varying results with my luggage scale- anywhere from 17.5 to 19 lbs, despite using the carrying strap in the exact middle of the pack to hang it from. The bathroom scale says 16 lbs! I am going to call it ready and worst case I have another jacket pocket.
I really do need the tried and true zipper- into- themselves backpack and shopping tote for out and about. The digital scale didn't register their weight.
I like my aluminum and small (12 oz)water bottle for hiking as well, I avoid plastic whenever possible. And maybe because I'm in the NW but umbrellas are a nuisance, hence a hood is mandatory. I'm assuming if it's raining that hard (I so hope not!) I wouldn't be on a really long hike anyway. Fingers crossed.
Thanks more! I certainly will be using every.single.thing ( except also hoping to not open the first aid kit!).

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I count 10 tops (including warm layers) and a dress. That seems like a lot.