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Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

No affiliation with Lululemon, but I recently got this belt bag for travel and running errands around town, and love it. I am not a frequent poster, but I read here often enough to know this crowd shares my love for all things travel bags:

This is not large enough to replace a purse, and not small enough to replace a hidden belt, as many people here like. But for times when you want to be hands free and carry a few cards/ID and a phone, it's perfect. For day to day I find I like it best for the farmer's market, so I can save my hands and shoulders for my food haul.

It's a little on the pricey side, so if you need to give someone a gift idea for you, this could be a good one.

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Thank you MH for the link. I just ordered the bag in white. I have been looking for one in white to use during the summer for ages and this fits the Bill perfectly. I use belt bags all year round, especially when taking long Walks around the neighborhood, use them for travel too. I find that if we are out for a long day, the crossbody bags start to brother my shoulders and back. Since retiring I have downsized what I carry around with me so the size is not an issue.

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Thanks for posting, MH. I really like the looks of that bag to wear with pocketless leggings.

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Love the looks of this bag. It doesn't give the size of the belt? Do you know what that is?

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LOL - I guess if Luluemon is making them bum bags are fashionable again! When I first went to Europe in the 80s - they were the first thing you learned NOT to wear - very easy for a pickpocket - unless you wear them under your clothes which most people don't

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A friend of mine lost 500 CHF to a pickpocket at the Zurich train station when she boarded a train wearing a belt bag like that. We were traveling with our hiking group (12 people). She withdrew cash from an ATM at the airport before we transferred to the main Zurich station for our train to Andermatt. The station was very crowded (it was the day of the Zurich street parade) and there was a man dressed in “official-looking” clothes who appeared to be looking for something or someone on our train—-we had to squeeze past him to board. She realized the theft shortly after our train pulled out of the station. He must have followed her from the airport ATM and then grabbed the cash as she boarded the train. He even re-closed the top zipper, and she never felt or noticed a thing.

So be careful if you use one of these for travel. A small safety pin across the zipper track can make it very difficult for a pickpocket to unzip it if you choose to use one in questionable circumstances.