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Luggage Courier Services

I know the Rick Steves folks are avid "light packers". We are too. We travel for weeks at a time with just a carry on bag each. And do laundry when needed.

But we have a situation where that will not be possible. On the way out, we would check a bag (which we never do) and each take a carry on. After 4 weeks, we will be changing climates. So, we would like to send our checked bag home (with the cold weather stuff) internationally to Atlanta while we continue on for 2 weeks.

There are several luggage courier services: luggageforward, sendmybag, lugless, etc.

I've been researching. It appears when these services work, they are great. But, when they don't, they really don't. I think the biggest issues are customs and how customer service helps (or doesn't) with issues.

Any experience with these services will be greatly appreciated.

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I've used Send My Bag without a hitch. They will guide you through all the forms you need to fill out. It arrived in about 4 days. Someone has to be there to sign for it.

You need to put everything down on the customs form. Hint, any organic material--food, plants, etc--will probably get dinged and the package may be opened. If just clothes, it shouldn't be a problem. Don't just put down "clothes." Say something like "Clothes--used--no longer needed on trip." That way the customs officer knows you didn't buy them while abroad and not new.

You could also use FedEx, UPS or DHL but they will be more expensive.

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Some years back my daughter sent a package home from the U.K. after her study abroad semester.

We looked into using ‘Send My Bag’
but we didn’t want to waste all day waiting for the collection driver (time window was 9AM -6PM), so we opted to send the package via Mailboxes, etc.

The Mailboxes, Etc. agent was helpful with all the forms and packaging.
The agent will check all the main couriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) for the best price.

Her package arrived home within a few days without any problems.

Enjoy your trip!

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We also used Send My Bag a few years back when my daughter finished up a summer abroad program with no issues. We shipped from Barcelona and were able to drop off the bag the day before the pick up at a specified location so we didn't have to wait around. You might check to see if this option is available from the city you will be shipping from.