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Looking for a rain cover for the convertible carryon

Hi looking for a rain cover for the RSteves Convertible carryon. Any ideas? What do you use?


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We use a black heavy duty trash bag. Slip it over the bag, cut small openings for the handle and back straps. Reinforce the openings with black duct tape to prevent spliting. Trim to size by cutting off the excess. Cheap, light, easy to store, and they work.

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That has always worked for me, too. And takes up no room to pack.

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Agree with other posters. I like the black Glad Force Flex garbage bag. Take a couple just in case.

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Most larger outdoor stores have generic rain covers for backpacks in their accessories section. Fill the backpack, take it in and try on a size till you find one that fits best. REI has them online with bag sizes by S-M-L or liters.

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We spray our bags (also shoes, jackets, hats, etc.) with Cadillac Shield water-repellent spray before every trip.