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Looking for a good daytrip (+ cabin luggage) backpack.

HI !

We , 2 adults and 2 kids of 4 and 8 years old, are going to Germany for one month next summer. We plan to atke a large backpack for stuffing our clothes (Eureka apollo 2), and a small suitcase for the same purpose. We are looking to get a good backpcak that would be use in plane (as a cabin luggage) and for all our daytrip.

We are looking for something comfortable to carry some clothes for the day, snacks, my dslr (Nikon d 90 withj 18-105 lens) and the Ipad.

Thanks !

You may just want to read the current thread "feedback....eveleen" above. For a family pack - look for something 18"-19" long and about 6" deep. I used the RS Appenzell pack all over Scotland for my family. If you use a few packing cubes, this can be your cabin luggage as well. Eagle Creek ( makes great bags. - checkout the Maxpedition line - Pygmy Falcon II. Good luck! Lots of choices.