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Linen drawstring pants in September? ( Slovenia and Austria)

I am wondering if I should give precious suitcase space to a pair of linen pants for our trip to Slovenia and Austria in September--thinking it will still be quite warm in the daytime. Would they be out of place, particularly in Vienna?

Please do not answer that I should just "wear what is comfortable" or "no one cares what I wear" or "don't try to blend in." We have been to Europe enough times that I know when I can and cannot "blend in"---not that it matters. We are more interested in fitting in with respect to local styles than " blending in" to be anonomous as tourists. And even if no one else cares what I wear, I do.

So my question is, will it likely be warm enough in September (we will be there the whole month) to warrant taking the linen pants/trousers? I will have a pair of lightweight capris but they are for daytime walking, not evening dinner. The linen ones are full-length, but lightweight, and pack small.

Thanks for your help.

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Linen pants would not be out of place. Every style known to woman is worn here.

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Hi Lola, I'm going to Slovenia in early September and as long as the weather forecast is showing warm temps, I am taking my linen palazzo pants with me. As you mentioned, they pack in a small space and are great for warm weather. They can be dressy or casual depending on the top, so if they fit in with the rest of your wardrobe, go for it!

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Lola, unless we're traveling in January, my linen pants go with me. Comfy, pack small, easy to sink wash, and can be dressed up or down.

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Perfect. Thanks!

I had never thought of sink-washing them. I will give that a try before we go, as we will only have a washer-dryer that last week, when we have an apartment in Vienna.