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Lightweight Two Wheeled Carry On

A friend of mine is looking for a two wheeled carry on. It's been awhile since I looked at two wheeled bags so I thought I'd come here for suggestions.

I've already told him about:

Rick Steves bags





What brands/bags am I missing? (Budget under around $250.)

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Check out E bags, great discount recently on web site, can also find them on Amazon.

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I have a small, 19 1/2”, light, 4lb3oz, 2 wheel bag I really like.

Where do you get 19½". Their stated dimensions are 14.75 in x 8 in x 18 in.

BTW, 14.75" exceed most US airline carry-on width allowance.

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While I can’t swear that it is the identical Hadaki bag that I bought in March of 2020, I’m betting it’s the case of a company stating the body of the suitcase is 18” but if you account for wheels and top of the handle it’s 19.5”. I put mine up against a wall and measured the very possible top. Funny I don’t remember if I ever measured the width. I know I can nest it inside my 22” 2 wheel Lipault bag, bought in 2013, that I downsized from and passed it on to my husband.

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If your friend lives near a TJ Maxx or a Marshalls, tell them to go there and start picking up pieces of luggage. They have the best prices and often have quite a good selection.

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I love my Eagle Creek International Carry-on Rolling Duffle. That said, I bought mine at a discount when they brought the new models in, so I can't speak to the new versions.

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Dakine 365 Carry On Roller 40L and Rip Curl F-Light 45 - 50L bag, each a bit over 5 pounds.