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LHR hand baggage and liquid rules…

I keep seeing the issue of what is allowed through LHR security and the dreaded step of having your baggage pulled out for additional scrutiny on several different travel forums. According to the website…”The following restrictions apply to all liquids, creams, gels,pastes,and aerosols taken through security control…” The rest of the rules that follow are what we’re all used to as to amounts, etc…It would explain why things like deodorant cause a problem at LHR and don’t cause an issue with USA TSA rules.

I’m sure there are people who’ve gotten their stuff through with no issue, but if time is tight it helps to be aware.

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I have gone through Heathrow security more times than I can remember. Occasionally, I have been pulled out for secondary inspection. It's usually nothing.

I can't think of anything that TSA allows that Heathrow doesn;t--except for liquid prescription medications. If it has to go in the 3-1-1 bag for TSA it has to go in te 3-1-1 bag for Heathrow security.

My stick deodorant has never caused a problem with Heathrow security.

What exactly are you talking about? You put pastes in bold but they aren't allowed through TSA security if more than 3.4 oz/100ml.

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Not sure what you are concerned about. I have had a 2.8 oz stick deo taken in the US because it looked too big. I sure it can happen in Europe although I have found that the European TSA is lot friendlier than the USA.

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I once had a security officer at Munich airport yell at me because I didn't have my lipstick in my liquids bag. (Not lipgloss gel. An actual lipstick.) Never had that happen at Heathrow, although I do tend to put it in my liquids bag now, just in case.

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I think what happens is that people are used to TSA pre-check in the USA where they really aren't so interested in the liquids. Suddenly, they get to UK security and they are very interested. The rules really aren't any different, just the level of enforcement.

You can make like much easier for yourself (and those behind you in line) by being prepared prior to arrival at security.