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Laundry in Paris and Lyon

In Paris we are staying in a hotel with a laundry room that uses the “WeWash” app for payment. Anyone familiar with using this app? Any other concerns with doing our laundry in this type of hotel laundry room?

In Lyon, it says that our unit includes a washer/dryer. In the room photos, all I see is a single unit. I’m assuming it is one of those combo washer dryer machines. Are these common in France/Europe? Anything we should know here?

Hoping these options will help us pack light!

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I find those combo washer/dryers leave clothes wrinkled. I hang my clothes to dry if the W/D are combined.

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The combo machines are common throughout Europe, I think mainly due to space constraints. My Mum used hers just for washing, things were hung to dry over a rack. The dryer part of the combo usually took forever to dry and things still came out dampish. Hopefully the technology has improved since then (30 years ago) and I bet you will find some kind of a folding rack in the unit.