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Laundry and soap tips

First time posting here, I have learned so much from you guys over the years. Mr Traveler and I have discovered that any shampoo, laundry detergent, bar soap or any cleaning products that are activated with water are best bought in Europe (Paris for us). Something about the cleanser being manufactured for the water in the region. I could never understand why my hair in particular never felt clean and looked 10 times worse. Couldn’t believe how much better we looked and felt after using French shampoo, laundry soap etc. Also the water in Paris is so calcified that I use cosmetic vinegar to soften the bath water. I buy it from Diptyque or you can use apple cider vinegar .Happy Trails to all !

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Thanks, Donna!

I agree with you about shampoo especially. I have short straight hair but last year was having a horrible problem with it being just yucky with my regular shampoo. I have some sensitivities to shampoos but took the advice from Bets to get some from L'Occitaine en Provence and wow, it made such a difference!

For clothes washing I use whatever the hotel offers as far as shampoo or shower gel and it works fine for sink washing my clothing.

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So, are you saying that all water in the US is identical in mineral content? Or that US cleansers are manufactured differently in different regions of the country? And are you saying that all parts of Europe, or even all parts of France have identical water profiles? Or that every region in Europe has cleansers formulated specifically for them? That doesn't make sense to me. I agree that you MAY find a difference in the water hardness from what you are accustomed to. I've never noticed any appreciable difference, taking my own shampoo and laundry sheets. But then I have hard water at home.

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CJean, I’ve never noticed a difference either.

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I have soft-ish water here at home. The last place I had I had very soft water (directly from the mountain side, lol). So yes, I do notice a difference especially with the water in Paris.

Oddly after I posted earlier, my SIL, who just returned home from Paris a week ago was telling me how awful her hair was in Paris. I wish I'd thought to give her the remainder of the tube of shampoo Bets had me get and it might have worked for her. Our hair types are not at all similar - hers is fine and a little curly.

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I agree with Cjean. We have hard water here and my shampoo from my stylist has worked just as well in Paris, London, Dublin, Rome, etc. as it does here.

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I took bar shampoo to Italy last year, to save on the liquids, and couldn’t get one single sud from it.
Had to buy shampoo there.
What I bought there was identical to my home shampoo and it was fine.
It was the bar that didn’t lather or clean well at all.