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Latex free band aids in Europe?

Can you purchase latex-free bandaids in Europe?
This great forum is teaching me how to pack less--but I'm allergic to latex, so I'm pondering packing bandaids.

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I don't know if it's easy to access latex free bandaids, but some things are worth packing, and if I were allergic, I'd pack. They take no room, especially out of the box in a small baggie.

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Yes BUT I’d still pack a zip lock bag with some. Wouldn’t even weigh as much as a sock.

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I usually pack a ton of bandaids, so now I know I only need one-half a ton (metaphorically speaking) and can buy some more if needed.
I am learning so much on these forums!

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I’ve found latex-free bandaids everywhere I’ve needed a box in Europe - specifically Spain, Netherlands, Germany, and France.

I have a latex allergy and always pack a bag full of bandaids but often end up needing more of the size I don’t have. It’s always an adventure.

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I don’t need latex free things, but I do buy stuff in Europe for the novelty sometimes.
I still have a box of bandaids bought in Prague with “BloodStoppers” in huge print on the box.
Had to buy those.

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I’d take them. I had to find some for my mother and Greece one time and it was a nightmare. take your own. It’s a lot easier.