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Last minute packing report

I have been successful in travelling carry on only in the past, but I am struggling for my trip to France and Spain. I Leave later today. Last evening I removed my 3rd pair of shoes, although they are lighter, they took up too much room. The roll aboard fits things much easier without the extra shoes! I used a combo of Travel Fasion Girl's maximista list and the Vivienne files 4 x 4 list. It helped a lot to use some guidelines.

I just have my under the seat bag to finish today. Last night I tried to be ruthless with the liquids bag; i think I need to remove more still. Even 30 ml moisturizers are heavy! I am taking less electrical plug ins; I do have 2 including an Apple plug in for overseas. In this bag I have a small paperback to read on take off and landing, my liquids bag becase I want to freshen up after the overnight flight, purse, empty water bottle, refillable, small soft bag with small camera, camera battery charger, camera connecter to ipad (tiny), bag with OTC drug collection which is a necessity, some print material about my first travel location to read, 2 snack bars as I am celiac, if my meals are wrong I will have something to eat and 2 apples. I think I will fit it in, but I have a new backpack/purse to fit under the seat do things are configured differently. It is a Lole yoga bag. I Put my pashmina in the place where the yoga mat would be held, easy to pull out.

Packing light is indeed an adventure. I recently watched a newer RS guide packing video; I cannot remember her name but she made it look so easy! I might have to reward myself with shoe shopping in Europe for a light slip on or sandal.

Let the adventures begin!

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Sounds good. Have a great trip! Wray

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Take one pat on the back and one gold star....

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You did good. I have been packing less liquids knowing ahead of time that the hotel/lodging has some of these items. Curious, what kind of shoulder purse do you have that fits inside the backpack? Looks good. Enjoy!

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My shoulder purse is a cross body PacSafe. It is more rectangular , with the narrow end at the top. It takes up a lot of room in the backpack but it fits. I love the Pacsafe. I cannot remember the number or name of the type.

Thanks for the replies. Now, where is my waterbottle I planned to take with me??....

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I too travel with a 20" rolling bag, and some of the budget European airlines are limiting carry on's to 10 kilos. I use Rick Steve's packing list, but was slightly over those limits last month--and my airline weighed my bag. I had to offload a little to my wife's bag to avoid paying $50 for the bag to be checked. My wife is having to pay to check her 14 kilo suitcase.
My family rules are that everyone handles their own bags, and they must be able to haul it 2 miles. I saw my father dealing miserably with my mother's huge suitcases, and I swore I'd never fall into that trap.
You're right about travel and luggage being an adventure. I swear that next trip I'll be packing in a 4" briefcase because I always return with clothes never worn. And 1 pair of shoes is enough.