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Just about finalized

I have everything into my organizers but have not loaded the backpack or daybag yet. This is what I have packed for our BOE21 in October.
4 panty (wear one on plane)
3 bra (wear one on plane)
1 tights
2 camisole (wear one on plane)
2 smartwool kneesock (1 is compression socks to wear on plane)
2 smartwool mid calf to be scrunched
1 smartwool below ankle
4 elbow length tunic tees
2 light long sleeve tunics (wear one on plane)
1 light sweater pullover
2 big shirts as toppers over tees when needed for warmth
1 fleece tunic vest (wear on plane)
1 knee length light sweater vest
1 decorative light jean jacket
1 sweater
? 1 pullover fleece jacket may be in, may be out.
1 jean (wear on plane)
2 legging
1 cord legging
1 jean capris
1 decorative black belt
1 decorative brown belt
2 scarves
1 oversize tee for sleeping/can pair with a legging if cold
1 low boot (wear on plane)
1 walking shoe, extra pair if weight allows
1 flip-flop instead of slippers
waterproof rain jacket
mini umbrella
3 costume jewelry sets
3-1-1 full of ejuice
electronics hub
3 ecigs, extra coils and tank
paper maps (4)
folder of pre-bought tickets, itinerary, emergency phones/addy's
ripped out pages from tour guide applicable to us.
mini Travelon crossbody
pacsafe daybag crossbody (carry in 400 on plane)
pacsafe 400 tote as second carry-on and to use instead of backpack for Venice

I may have to pare this down some more if my backpack is too heavy. A huge thanks to Pndldy for much advice and mailing me maps!

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Wow. I'm impressed if you can carry all this…maybe in my younger days… Have you weighed this? If you can carry this much, go for it! You'll look nice. Have a great trip!

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Hi Nance. Imho, you have a too many clothing items. I use the Maximista packing list from Travel fashion as a guide, with 15 pieces. I vary her list as I do not bring dresses, but I do try to keep my number of clothes to 15, excluding undies. It is difficult. Do you need 2 belts? You have 5 pants; I have travelled with only 2 or 3 including what I wear on the plane. You have a variety of sweaters/vests. I usually travel with a thick Scottevest hoodie and a rain jacket that goes over it, with a thick wide scarf if really cold. I purchased a wool hat last fall that I will bring on cooler trips noe. It can pack flat. This fall I may add a down vest, one that scrunches into it's small bag. You could bring one less psir of socks but they are a small item.

Another resource I use is the Vivienne files website; she has dressier items but great mix and match ideas.

I would add a light pair of gloves; you may need them! I now pack them all the time.

Have a great trip.

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Ita a bit tough to pack for cool weather then hot for sure. Down side to hot weather was you had to hand wash what ever you wore each day because you were so sweaty. You won't have to do that.
Some people on my tour kept a large bag on the bus(stored in the bag holding area) and exchanged items from it every few days instead of carrying to their rooms. I could see this working for the warm clothes you will need for Switzerland.
Then again I seen one couple, take 2 very heavy bags, and back packs to their rooms every time we moved. They struggled and often needed help when they had to go up more than 1 flight of stairs. Bad knee and a bad hip but they had medical items with them they needed, CPAP machines and some therapy items.

All most all hotels, were not where the bus dropped you off, 4 blocks to 10 blocks some times. I had no issue with the roller bag on cobble stones. Venice was a long water bus ride then a long walk to your room.

I say pack it all up and see if it will fit in an overhead on the plane by their measurements, and if you can pick it up your golden.

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Yea!! Almost time to go!

Its hard to give an opinion when we can't see things but i think you have too many tops. I would pare down to the jacket and sweater, leaving out the big shirts. If the jacket and sweater don't go with everything then the should not make the team.

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Have a great trip! No comments here on what you packed but if it all works for you and you can transport your bag, more power to you! :)

Safe travels!!

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I'd suggest rethinking the footwear. I usually go with one pair of shoes and if I knew I was going to be walking around in public shower areas/pools/beaches/etc. I would take some slip on water-wear slippers that I have for canoeing rather than flip flops because they don't have the thick/hard soles and will weigh a lot less. Running stores have them that look like they have toes - I'm not sure what they're called.
Also you can save a little weight and hassle by skipping the paper maps and getting City Maps 2 Go for your tablet or phone. I'm even leaving the RS guidebook behind on my trip coming up in 6 days by having the Kindle electronic version.

I would also skip the umbrella in favor of my Marmot Parka. We can always find cheap umbrellas everywhere and don't need to carry them on the aircraft. My wife usually picks up an umbrella but I make do with my hooded Parka.
For outerwear in Netherlands/Belgium, I'm layering with 2 pairs of Smartwool style t-shirts, three Duluth Trading long sleeve quick-drying shirts that button up to become short-sleeves when needed, a light vest and my Marmot Parka. With the addition of a thick sweater and gloves, we've managed in as low as -40 degrees F in Rovaniemi, Finland one Christmas and can take off layers to be comfortable in 90+.

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TOO many tops! EITHER the 2 big shirts or 1 big shirt and 1 sweater (not 2 sweaters and a sweater vest, and big shirts). Maybe drop the jean jacket, too and the fleeces and take ONLY the waterproof jacket- if you feel you must, take only fleece vest and jacket to layer. Only 1 belt, if you really need it (I prefer black). Only 1 set of jewelry and that could be dropped, too. I'd personally drop the leggings ( I just don't like them) and the capris and take 2 or 3 pair of light to mid-weight pants, at least one pair slightly more dressy- or at least black for special evenings.

Now might be a good time to quit- leave the e-juice, ecigs, coils and tank at home. There's not going to be many places to use them anyway.

Why 4 bags? If possible reduce this to one 'suitcase/backpack' and one purse/day bag- possibly a very compact fold up tote type bag that could be used for shopping or bringing some purchases home. Why boots and 2 pair of walking shoes? Wear 1 good pair of comfortable walking shoes (black is good) and take some extra inner sole liners to change out if needed. Why the umbrella? If your jacket has a hood you can drop the umbrella if you wish, though my hubby insists on both.

Don't forget chargers and plug adapters and toiletries.

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Thanks for all the feedback! I'll certainly take a look at the big shirts and jackets/sweaters and bags.

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I agree - way too many tops/sweaters/jackets/bags (not sure why you would need three different bags). I know everyone doesn't have the same packing strategy, but I pack for five days, no matter how long my trip. On my most recent trip (23 days) I needed warmer clothes for Scotland and cooler clothes for Spain. I traveled in yoga pants, a tshirt, and a blouse. I carried three pairs of shorts, five short sleeved tops, one pair of long cotton blend pants, and one pair of denim capris, along with five days of underwear and socks, a tshirt to sleep in, a windbreaker-weight, waterproof, hooded jacket, and a swimsuit. I wore one pair of shoes, and took another. If I had needed anything warmer, I could have picked it up along the way, and I could have worn my black yoga pants in lieu of dress pants (or as an additional pair of long pants) if I needed to. I used to be one of those "just in case" packers, but I learned the hard way that you can do with much, much less.

I'm not sure what ejuice is, but you only get one 3-1-1 bag, so if you have other liquids, make room for them, too.

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check out my packing list by searching "12 easy pieces" on this site. For me it worked very well when supplemented by sink washing and a couple of laundromat days, which were fun! For my next trip (France june 2016) I will use the same formula: 3 bottoms, 6 tops, 2 toppers (cardigan or jean jacket) 1 dress. Of course I don't include outerwear, undies etc. Good luck and have fun!

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I've started culling! I will have to add one or two things back in but I have removed
2 belts
2 scarves - will just put a 1 light warm scarf back in
light sweater pullover
jean jacket
pullover fleece
both big shirts
1 short sleeve
1 cami
1 ankle socks
1 jean capris
1 pacsafe 400

added in 1 foldable Laurel Burch tote in place of packsafe 400. Smaller than 400 and can be used for our groceries in Amsterdam, day trips, etc. and on bus as well as packing clothes just for Venice. Zips closed but not secured like pacsafe, but may have the means to make it so. I love my mini crossbody and have been using it for several months but it will not hold a raincoat. It would be great to have for when I don't need to carry my raincoat. My pacsafe purse (not the 400 but large purse) is great to use for daybag while touring - will hold raincoat, water bottles, etc. but don't know if it would also hold the 2nd day clothes for Venice. Will test. I am trying to avoid carrying the backpack into Venice. I could easily get my and husbands clothes into LB tote. I used to carry the LB tote every day as my purse. That's still four bags with the 2 purses going into the LB tote as 2nd carry on on the way over there....

Been watching weather reports and right now it is anywhere from 20-50 degrees colder than Fl- avg being about 25 degrees colder for most places. For me that is fall - long sleeve. I think I will throw out all short sleeves except 2 and add in more long sleeves tees. All of these shirts are very lightweight.
Sweater is open front and about same weight as pullover fleece. I'd sorta be stuck with the pullover - on or off depending on if I get hot so may take sweater. I guess in Switzerland I could just put on the cami and a couple of the lightweight long sleeves, the sweater, and my marmot precip. I also have light gloves and a knit headband to cover my ears. Could take a knit cap instead of headband- advice on that?

Ricks guidebook is huge and it is sitting on the coffee table waiting to be cut down. Take one phrase book for pair of us instead of both?

On fence about shoes still. Sitting here sipping coffee in my low boots. Weight is going to restrict me to two pairs - third is out. So it is either
waterproof low boots and rust colored presidios
low boots and black presidios
rust and black presidios
I have two very nice looking pair of alegrias, but after walking several miles in them a few times I don't think they would work for all day touring. That would restrict them to being an evening only shoe and that seems foolish to me. Whatever I take has to be able to be worn all day for touring. Wearing my boots all day today to see if they make the cut.

Oh, and when I say leggings, although snug, they are not the skin tight panty hose looking things.

Leaving the ecigs behind is not an option. I have quit a 40 year tobacco habit but am not over the hand to mouth habit (that's a "b" to break) and am too afraid I would get over there and smoke real cigarettes. I never want to do that again - ever. With a +99% harm reduction (yes, I do my research and trust pure science, not hype), I am very happy vaping instead of smoking. No stink, no coughing, no fire. At worst, you might smell a light scent of cinnamon were you to walk by me on the street while I am vaping.

Thanks for all of your suggestions - I really am reading them and paying attention.

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Good job! If your scarves are just decorative and you want them to dress up or change your outfits, they aren't a deal breaker for weight - I would go ahead and take them. Pare down the heavy/bulky stuff instead.

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Thanks Nancy. Instead of big shirts that can only be worn over something I decided to pack 2 light regular long sleeve button up shirts that can still be worn over something or alone. I don't have a very light button up sweater, only an open front which is bulkier and medium weight. Thinking I would get more wear out of that than the pullover fleece. The boots are out, taking both pairs of Presidios. Everything is dry now so today I am house cleaning and working on packing my bag and divvying up all of the shared stuff with hubby.

Starting another thread to ask about hubby's daypack.