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Insect repellent needed end of April in Italy?

We are going on the BOE 14 days starting 4/24 with Rome. Is insect repellent needed during that time of the year?

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We were there in the summer, but Avon Skin So Soft is the highly regarded repellent by duck hunters. I have used it in Scotland's Highlands and the Okavongo Delta -- and highly recommend it. Get a small bottle to get through TSA, but also because it doesn't take much. It smells better than bug repellent, and is good salve for wrinkly old skin and young dry skin. And if you don't need it, it won't take up much room in your luggage.

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May 6th 2022 we got eaten alive in Venice at night.

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I always take some insect repellent towelettes with me when I travel. Small, almost no weight or space, but when you need them you have them.

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I’ve been to Italy twice; once in April, and once in May, and I have never had a problem with insects. I so I have never brought insect repellent. For that matter, I don’t bring it any place I go, although I might bring it to Scotland this year, since I will be doing some hiking. And Scotland has midges.

But as I said, I never noticed insects that were bothersome in Italy. That doesn’t mean they’re not there, however, but I wouldn’t think you would have any problem with them during your time period.

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Does your hotel have air conditioning? If not, open windows in Europe don't have screens. There will be bugs. I haven't noticed them during the day, but just watch out for night time!
Safe travels!

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I’ve bee to Italy twice, once in October and once in May, got bitten by mosquitoes both times. They have a fondness for me. Just take some repellent so you don’t have to waste time looking for it when you need it.

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Thank you for all the feedback! Sounded like it would be smart to be prepared. I have gone ahead to order some Avon Skin so Soft wipes. Hopefully, we won’t need to use it. Better safe than sorry. Thanks everyone! This forum has been very useful in my preparation for this trip.

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I always takea few skin-so-soft towelettes everywhere i travel. They work great. Just ordered fresh set for trip to alaska. I am a mozzie magnet.

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Our room in Florence was full of mosquitos, what I thought was a lovely flocked wallpaper pattern was actually previously squashed bugs!

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We were in Tuscany (25 minutes from Pisa). More of a rural area. We were at the pool late afternoon. All was fine and then maybe around 6pm the mosquitoes just swarmed us. We raced up the hill back to our timeshare.

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In Florence I remember mosquitoes in winter. Fewer of them than in summer, but certainly always there on my bedroom walls. They were my guardian angels.