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In search of personal item size, tote style, overnight bag w/trolley sleeve

Travel bag gurus,

I am going on a Viking cruise and I am trying to avoid checking a bag on the way over. Normally I wear a backpack as my personal item and have a Travelon carry on spinner bag. Because I'll be gone for two weeks, I need a personal item that will hold at least one change of clothes in addition to laptop, toiletries, and other small items. It needs to have a trolley sleeve, not look like a computer bag, and be able to fit under the seat in front of me. Here's a few I've considered; if anyone has any of these or something similar they can recommend, please let me know.

This is the front runner: (a little pricey but ticks all the boxes)

or this (might not hold as much as I would like)

I also considered this, but there's no pocket for my laptop and seems a little unstructured to carry one, even if I put it in a sleeve:

This would do but I don't love the way it looks

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I really like my Sherpani Camden, and the specs say it has a luggage pass through slot:

Luggage Pass-Through: Yes, suitcase handles up to 7.5’’ wide

And it’s on a great sale now!

I didn’t need the backpack straps on mine since I just carry it as either a tote or crossbody, so I carefully cut them off, and it looks great.

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That Shepani looks very versatile. Don't think I've seen that exact type of bag before.

The price of the first two are way out of bounds. Nice that they do have trolley panels though.

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Since it looks like you’re in Atlanta, I was at TJ Maxx just the other day in Dunwoody and they had several really nice bags that had trolley sleeves and all kinds of cool features. Now inventory turns over there a lot, so I can’t guarantee they’re still there, but you can get some really good deals there on luggage.

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We've used the Rick Steves' Veloce bag for years. It seems to fit your needs, so check it out on their site.

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What airline are you flying and what is their personal item size? Without the measurements we can’t determine what suggestions will actually be allowed.

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I've used a bag with a squared off corners like the first Away bag (cheap-o copy). The square corners made it harder to pack and seemed like wasted space. Ended up getting a Foldie on sale. Much better. Personally, I'd go for one with an additional cross-body strap.

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all great suggestions. @Carol, I am in ATL. The TJ Maxx nearest me (I'm in Decatur) isn't great but the Marshall's is. I'll check them out.
@Jean, that Sherpani isn't what I had in mind for my personal item but I really like the convertible stule bag! How handy that would be. I don't need another day bag, but.......
@dotilgen, thanks for the info about the corners of your Away dupe. I am leaning the Foldie or knockoff (+ a laptop sleeve) because I feel like it will be easier to compress under a seat. And the price is certainly right.
Thanks all.