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Ikea Travel Products

How are you all doing? Even though I won't travel anywhere right now, I still like to browse at luggage and packing products whenever I'm at a store.

Yesterday I was at Ikea and couldn't resist to check their luggage and packable bags. Have you ladies and gentlemen used any of those? How's the quality? I suspect you will pretty much get what you pay for, but I would like to know your opinion. But also, I know to never judge a book by its cover, as I have the backpack Sarah Murdoch recommends that weights like a pound, I have travel with it and it's my favorite; it was on sale when I got it on amazon at around $13 :)

I bought their Forfina toiletry kit with the slim bottles. But the luggage caught my attention. Have you use it? What's your opinion about it? I know I don't need more luggage but it is what it is.

Have a nice day!

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I have this bag. I bought it probably about 7 years ago for $4.99 and it has held up great! I didn't expect much at all, but figured for road trips etc. It folds completely flat, so you can store it under a bed or similar. I have not checked it on a plane (I never check luggage), but our daughter has the same bag and has checked it on several business trips and hers has held up great too. Ours is really obnoxious looking as it is navy blue with large white polka dots. The good thing is, nobody will mistake it, and you can't overlook it and leave it behind anywhere.

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Wow, I didn’t know IKEA had luggage and travel items. I’ll take a look this weekend when I’m at our local store.

Hi Geraldine!

Same here! I didn’t know they had luggage items, but I have used random accessories for food products when traveling such as clips, baggies, etc and an umbrella which I've always been pleased with. The luggages look very sleek! And most seem to have pretty good reviews, so it you like the brand it could be nice to try it out.

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I once drove over two hours to an IKEA just to buy their squared off 100 ml bottles. I like them - they pack well because of the shape.

I looked at their packing cubes, but thought they were quite heavy compared to the RS ones I own. I don't recall seeing luggage at all.

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$4.99 for a bag? That’s quite the deal! But their regular price is $19.99 so I think it’s still very good price.

I don’t go often to Ikea but I see very often the packable bags on some sort of sale.

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Wow, I too had no idea that Ikea made travel items, let alone luggage!
Do they have them in Canada too?
I have more than enough suitcases and bags, but I'll drop in and have a look next time I pass by.

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Geraldine--$4.99 was the regular price when I bought it. I think they realized they had a good design and could charge more. Ours of course with the polka dots is a bit obnoxious, but for $5 it works, lol.

I have no idea when I will go to Ikea again, but I will have to check out their other travel items. I had hoped to go buy a couple bookshelves recently, but they have bee not of stock for months and then I heard the our local store was an an absolute zoo with people, so I am not going anywhere near it for quite a while.

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Pack Hacker recently did a review of a lot of Ikea travel products. I saw it on you tube and and it is probably on their web site, too. You might take a look and see what they say. Most of the time they do an initial, first impressions review, then have someone on the team use the products for a while and come back with a second review. I don't remember seeing the second review for the Ikea stuff, though. I don't know why I like to watch Pack Hacker. All of the team members are young and hip (I'm neither) and some of the gear they review is really expensive (I'm cheap). But I do enjoy it sometimes.