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Thanks for the info. This will be great for my bro in law who can't travel without his cologne. He brought a huge bottle to Switzerland last year.

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Those of us who are allergic to a lot of perfumes & colognes would be so happy if you skipped it on the days you fly. Sitting near a person will instantly fill my sinuses with pain and a throbbing headache. I know other people who have the same reaction.

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Thank you, Jean! The days of flights, bus rides, theaters, restaurant dining... Any days in which the perfume wearers would be in close proximity with others.

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Jean, thanks for sharing. I’ll skip the cologne on the flight.

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I use these daily in my purse or when traveling. I love them!

However, I do not use perfume on planes, wine tasting or in close confined quarters.

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Have to agree with the others who favor skipping it. It's not uncommon anymore for businesses to request that employees come scentless to work so for any number of reasons. Perfume/cologne was pretty much banned at both my own and my husband's companies; neither of us even own any anymore as some folks have such sensitive noses. I personally wouldn't wear it on indoor tours, to restaurants, or anywhere else that involves an enclosed space? Not that YOU would ever do it - I'm sure you would not! - but there's nothing worse than eating next to someone who has overdone their scent to point that you can't smell your dinner.

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I'm with Jean. It's a huge problem if you are sensitive. It's always a major source of anxiety for me when getting on a plane--unfortunately, flight attendants are often fond of perfume. It's really hard to relate to people who do not experience this sensitivity, as it is not an allergy in the sense that your throat closes up and you swell, etc., but I have felt as if I'd rather pass out than smell a cologne second longer. It causes burning of the throat and nasal passages, headaches--and makes you wonder what people are putting directly on their skin!

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I outgrew personal scents in high school, patchouli finally did me in. To each his/her own, of course, but haven't we all been in the presence of someone who uses a bit much?

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Or you could just ask at your local store's perfume counter for a small sample vial.
And yes, let's hope the public doesn't want to soak themselves in scent before a flight sitting next to any of us.
(But use your deodorant, though.)

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Those look great, let us know how they work for you! I sympathize with those of you who have sensitivities and agree that one shouldn't be perfumed in close quarters, but when I was in Italy last year, it was so remarkable to me that everyone smelled AMAZING. People would pass my husband and I on the street and we'd both comment on how good they smelled after they walked by. It kicked off a new interest in fragrance for me personally, though I'm really paranoid about wearing too much in public and mostly work from home anyway!

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Count me in the group that prefers people don't use scents in crowded places or, even worse, where people eat and drink.