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I think I'm failing to pack heavy

So excited - Fiji just dropped their pre-travel test requirement. So its certain - we are leaving the country tomorrow for the first time in over 2 years!

So I'm dragging out the new, never used 100l rolling duffle (I guess the equivalent of about a 33" bag) Bought for cruising later this year - its getting a run in the sun first.

We are flying direct from our home airport - no transfers. Fiji airways gives us 30kg checked luggage each plus 7kg carry on.

We are going for 7 days at a resort.

So far I have
5 bottoms
10 tops
water shoes
2 swim suits+ rash vest + board shorts
2x sarongs
snacks - you can bring food into Fiji so why not!
toiletries/first aid kit/ sun tan lotion, bug spray/ prescriptions
camera plus lenses
cross stitch.

I'm not very good at this packing heavy - not even filled 1/2 the bag! We'll do well to fill it between the 2 of us.

This is definitely more than I'll be taking for 3.5 months travel later in the year - so what am I missing - what do people put in these huge suitcases?

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It’s probably the resort, beach, warm climate thing that’s failing to fill your huge suitcase. I’ve never filled more than a 24” suitcase for a one to four month trip but I was taking clothes for much colder weather, concerts and other dress up occasions. Have fun on your fist trip in 2 years. We are leaving on our 2 year delayed trip tomorrow.

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Lissie, so exciting that you're almost on your way!

Someone I once knew virtually complained about being stuck hauling her 50-lb bag down a dirt road after her husband demanded they be let out of a sketchy cab in the middle of nowhere. Caribbean, I think? Anyway, when I asked why on earth she had 50 lbs of suitcase for a warm-weather vacation of less than 2 weeks, she said she needed many different outfits so she wasn't wearing the same thing twice in any of the photographs from the trip!

This hopeless tomboy didn't know quite what to do with that but, well, OK then. 😉

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This is wonderful! So happy for you.
What about sports equipment? Your own mask and snorkel gear? And maybe adding the cold lozenges-naproxen-thermometer items for you-know-what, just in case?
Have a great week!

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@Mona - have a great trip! My warm clothes take very little more space - they are all merino and down - cost a lot more but well worth it for a cold trip

@Kathy - haha re the different outfits - actually I have that basically as every top goes with every bottom - and I've overpacked 2 tops a day because its easy to get very wet in the tropics from either rain or sweat.

@Barbara - yes just found the snorkels always prefer to have our own anyways. We hire fins as needed. Yes cough mixture as my partner coughs quite a bit anyway - nothing to do with viruses

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Girl after my heart!!! Cross stitch. Yay. I am taking mine in a couple of months. I am lucky cuz I work at my LNS in Tulsa!!

Happy packing and travels


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I'm jealous @Kim - mind you if I worked in a LNS I wouldn't be making a profit on the job LOL

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OK, Kim: I know where you work; I've even been to your shop. But please, what does LNS stand for?

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Update - we managed to fill it up! Only ways 22kg though! Partner helped a lot by added a 200page software text book and a bunch more shoes. I added extra waterproof sandals as well as water shoes. My excuse is that some of this stuff I'm road testing for tropical climates for a long trip later in the year LOL

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@Jane Local Needlework Store (compared to an online one -they are a bit rare these days)

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Between the 2 of us, we have no difficulty in filling our 23 kgs (50lbs) bag allowance, but that’s for 2 of us not each and for a 4-5 week trip. Half of the weight is sun tan lotion, beach towels, first aid kit, tripod, shampoo etc (we always self cater and don’t stay in hotels). I have never had any difficulty managing this bag or weight and it’s been to 6 continents with me.

We do struggle with the 7kgs each hand luggage requirements, as we usually take binoculars, sometimes a lightweight telescope, drone and lots of camera equipment. Plus one laptop, two kindles, 2 iPads, 2 phones plus chargers.

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...a 200page software text book

Ugh. Maybe the thing is a good sleep aid? One paragraph would send this girl to zzzzzz!

Jennifer, that 50-lb bag was just her stuff but hey, if willing to haul it herself then so be it, eh?

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No matter how much a bag weighs, at one point I've got to haul that heavy sucker.

I still remember all the husbands in the Venice Marco Polo Airport having to deal with two 24" suitcases for their pack rat wives when coming off cruise ships. I felt so sorry for the guys.

We still travel with our ultra light swivel wheeled Travel Pro bags essentially following Rick Steves' packing list. We're not trying to be fashionistas. And we can travel indefinitely with what we carry. On top of that, I'm dealing with a wife with mobility issues, and we're traveling with an electric folding travel scooter in place of a wheel chair. And I still make it without assistance.

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I dont worry about packing light if I am going to a destination, like a resort, where I will only be going from the airport to hotel, usually via shuttle, rental car, or taxi, and back.