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I think i am over packing

We are flying to paris next week for 5 nights then on to a bike barge trip for a week, followed by visiting family in Salzburg for a week. 21 days total. 3 completely different environments.

I am thinking about 2 pair long pants (wearing one over and back on the flight), 2 pair capris, 2 pair bike liners and shorts and 1 pair regular shorts. Taking 3 tshirt (drifit), 2 nice shirts for dinners in paris, 2 biking tops that i can wash every night, 1 tank top and 2 travel shirts that i can spill anything on and you would never know!

Planning on doing laundry in Metz after paris and salzburg.


2 long pants
2 travel shirts, one long sleeve, one 3/4
2 dressy tops tha pack down nicely
1 tank top
1 casual dress
3 dri-fit shirts that wash and dry quickly
2 capris
2 biking shorts and liners
1 shorts
1 wool longies for biking
1 wool hooodie for mornings biking
1 thin vest for layering
1 rain coat (casual rei type)

Possibly one thin hoodie that blocks wind, but not rain

1 pair flip flops for boat after biking
1 pair slip ons for flight
1 pair running shoes for all the walking and light hikes in salzburg

1 ball cap and 1 sun hat that packs down.

Doing carryon only with small backpack and wheeled small suitcase under 20 lbs.

Am i taking too much?

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Looks pretty good to me but you may be able to cut out 1 of two dressy tops and even the dress? Have you checked a 10 day weather forecast for a location or two on your barge/bike trip? Will you need another pair and different type of shorts? I know it’s been warm in Europe off and on up to now but what about 10 days out?

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We are checking every day.

Good thought on the tops. I am flip flopping on the dress. It is something i really like wearing after biking. It isn’t in the “to go” pile yet

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Have you tried a test pack yet? If you can get everything into those bags and it makes the weight limit, then you're good to go. If not, then start eliminating.

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IMHO this list looks very good except if it were me, I would wear the walking shoes/sneakers on the plane and pack the slip ons.. The slip ons will probably take less room. Also, if there is room, I would pack one long sleeved cashmere sweater for colder days/evenings. Looks like you may be from Bellingham and tolerate the cold better than me though.

Looks like a great trip.

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Do you really need slip ons for the plane, and flip flops for the boat? Will one or the other fill both needs? A little here, a little there, and pretty soon we're too heavy. Just a thought.

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Also, I say pack the dress. I wished I packed one extra dress for my Scotland trip. Some dresses I have are really lightweight and don’t take much room. YMMV though

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I always travel with a surong size layer that i have over my shoulders getting on the plane. I bought a neutral color for this trip.

That is one thing that is not optional. From grand canyon to paris….it works.

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Pack a couple Tee Shirt style dresses. You can roll them small. You can dress them up or down. I used mine for lounging and sleeping and going down the hall if you share a bathroom.

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For me, 6 bottoms (2 pants, 2 capris, 1 dress, 1 shorts), not including your biking shorts are too many. I would eliminate 2 of these.

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Assuming you do a test pack, take that test pack with you and take a walk outside your home for 30-45 minutes with it. That’s an important test!

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I think it’s perfect,and is about the same as what I can fit in my carryon only case.

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Backpack 13lbs, suitcase 18. Everything fit with room to spare!

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I think two pairs of long pants plus two pairs of capris is one pair too many. Although you may have weather warm enough to wear capris, will you have weather warm enough that you need to wear capris?

If the dri-fit shirts wash and dry quickly, couldn't you get by with just two?

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This doesn't sound like too much to me, given your different activities. And you've already tried it, and it fits. Go for it !

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Thoughts -

Could you eliminate the two capris. Your dress, shorts & long pants seem enough.

You have both a wool hoodie & a thin hoodie. Could you eliminate one?

Which shirts could you eliminate because you have these? “3 dri-fit shirts that wash and dry quickly”. Or, if these dry quickly, do you really need more than one?

Do you need both hats?

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I think you did a great job with your packing list and keeping it around 20 lbs! My carry on suitcase weighs around 22 lbs packed usually. Have a fun trip!

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I think you should get the "Planner/Packer of the Year Award." Your list sounds well-thought-out for the activities you plan, and also allows some flexibility for any unplanned opportunities that may come your way.

With the two small (low-poundage) carry-ons, take a bow, feel good about the wise decisions you made, and press forward.....enjoy your trip!!

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Do you really want to be working with 31 pounds? I wouldn't.
I think two pants(slacks), two capris, one dress and one shorts are too many. Remove three.
--If your 'go to' post biking is a dress, bring that dress.
I would ditch the woolies (but when I did a bike/barge I took one long biking pant and one short biking pant (you have 3 biking bottoms). Drop one.
Drop one dressy top.
Why two hats?
Is your raincoat for biking as well? If not, why not? If so, I'd take either the vest or the hoodie, but not both.
Aren't you bringing your helmet? (Sorry, it is the loss control person in me. It's your most important item to pack. LOL)
We did our tour with just a 22" backpack and it was fine (and a purse, for me)...before we ditched our backpacks... We had bike ride and city visiting involved.

Hope you enjoy your bike tour as much as we did! On our tour, a clothes line was available on the deck for drying clothes that had been hand washed from each day.

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If your bag weighs under 20 lbs, I think you are doing great and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I don’t ever want to have to do laundry in the sink every night. I like having 2 of an item to give me flexibility.

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Most important…helmets provided on the boat! I won’t ride without one.

Yes, i need both hats. Ball cap for under helmet and sun hat with wide brim. I just had basal cell surgery on my upper lip this spring. Feel like i am becoming a vampire hiding from the sun. Fyi, it looks great now. Not so much months ago.

I am dropping the extra fleece and one paor of shorts. Weather looks like it will be nice. If not, the wool hoodie works. I dont think i will need much in the way of layers in Paris.

I even weighed my flip-flops to pick the lightest paid. Able to lose 6+ ounces.