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I missed my sweatpants so much, but such a space hog!

I was in Italy/France for 12 days this spring. I packed running shorts for bed and there was not a day I didn't wish for a pair of soft sweatpants when we got back to our hotel or airbnb. I had leggings that are soft jersey, but after wearing leggings or jeans all day, I was very over them by evening and didn't want anything clingy.

I'm leaving for Europe in September and planning to take only a 28 liter backpack and a mini daypack the size of a woman's purse. (8L). I'll be rewashing socks and underwear frequently and taking almost no liquids to make this possible and yet, I'm still considering bringing a pair of sweatpants.

I do not like the plain jersey ones, don't like flannel pj pants, and I wouldn't bother at all if they were soft shell/windbreaker/nylon. I’m looking for a plush feel with the smallest packing footprint possible.

Anyone have sweatpants with a normal plush/terry lining that are very lightweight and not bulky?

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My favourite pants are my lululemon align high rise jogger. Not as tight as leggings. SOOO soft and comfortable and look quite nice. Lightweight. They, and a pair of jeans will be my main stay in England in September. Sorry I don’t have the tech skills to forward a link. They’re based in Vancouver, but I’m sure you can get them in the US.

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Congratulations on 28L! Best I can do is 30. I’m assuming you’re going someplace where there are stores that sell clothing items?

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I love my Vuori Performance Joggers. They are so soft and lightweight. You can order them online or buy them at Nordstrom.

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Maybe try a goodwill or other thrift store, that way you can see exactly what you're getting.

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@Valerie and@alibaker0508
This is just the type of tip I was asking for. And a reminder that if I want the perfect thing, it's going to cost me. Fair enough, haha. Not sure I trust myself with sweatpants that valuable!

I have one or two things from Athleta and really like them, though the sweatpants seem to cost almost as much as Vuori. I'm told it's for good reason!

Thank you for the tip. These sound great too! I'm seeing a theme-- the "right" kind of pants cost around $100. So I'll have to decide if a few square inches is worth $100 in rent for three weeks!

Ohhhh, don't congratulate me. I said "planning". I did alright with my 35l in Italy this spring, but I also had my two daughters with me and we shared clothing. I'm not a huge person and the 35l still hurt my back, so I'm trying to downsize, but I'm not convinced it's possible. I'd have to do 3 bottoms, 4-5 tops and a lightweight dress at most by the time I put in any sleepwear and necessities. I didn't take a second pair of shoes to Italy and it worked out fine, but finding the right thing for weather anywhere from near freezing to 80+ degrees and high tea and museums in London as well as trekking in Italy and the beach in Spain is a tall order.

@Jane and @Elaina
We think alike. I have more than one pair of hanes or fruit of the loom sweatpants a la dollar store, but they are buuulky. So comfy, but puffy and slow to dry. Doesn't help that I always buy them a size or two up for comfort. I only asked this question after trolling thrift stores with my daughter the past couple weeks.

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Costco has a couple of items in stock (in my local store and possibly online) that might work. It’s their 32 degrees brand.

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If you know you really want your fave sweatpants, perhaps a small compression bag (space bag) just for those pants would help. Seems like terry cloth would compress well, if the pants you love aren’t too heavy.

Comfy clothes are key for me to enjoy a trip. I love the cotton-modal blend tops and pjs from Lands End. Don’t travel without them. My husband? Couldn’t care less about uncomfortable clothing. :-)

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For our upcoming cruise I purchased Hue French terry sweatpants from Amazon. They are super soft and very lightweight. I also got the jacket.

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If you're a member (or know a member), you might try checking at Costco - either in person or online. They almost always have women's joggers for sale that are very reasonably priced. I've bought several different kinds and really like them (in fact, I took one pair to Germany with me).

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I agree with you - I wish there was some way that I could travel with sweats and uggs and still use a backpack! I usually bring a pair of black yoga pants that I can lounge in or travel in if I have a long train travel day. Not as cozy as sweats but has worked for me!

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I brought joggers from Costco. Inexpensive and very comfy.

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I consider cotton sweatpants and a ls cotton tee to be my "luxury item". Yes, they're bulky and heavy (1 lb 4 oz), but so comfortable after a long day of touring. I'd rather sacrifice on the number of sink washable pants and tees for daytime wear because, after all, no one will remember what I'm wearing.

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I also just bought two pair of the joggers from Costco. Super comfy

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I have to add my voice to those recommending the joggers from Costco. Love mine.

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I absolutely love my Vuori joggers, in fact I’m wearing them now. They are expensive but I wear them nearly year-round. I’d pack them for a cooler trip, though I did not bring them to France this summer.

They have them at REI, though I think if you order direct there is a first order coupon. There’s also a company named Quince that sells something similar, but I haven’t personally tried them.

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If it is space more than weight, why not put the sweats in a compression bag?

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Kohl's and Walmart also sell less expensive yoga pants in their sportswear sections that are very light, lighter in weight and style than sweats, but still comfortable.