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How strict is RyanAir with Carry on?

I am flying from London to Dublin on RyanAir and am a little worried about if they will make me check (and pay!) for my carry on bag. I have a basic carry on Samsonite bag that I have used as a carry on for many flights with no issues, but I understand RyanAir can be a little hardcore about their guidelines. My suitcase is 24x15x10in. Any info would be great!

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How strict? Very. 24" is way out of line with their rules (21"x15"x8") Your best bet is to pay for a checked bag when you buy your ticket (or before you fly). If you have to pay at the airport, the fee will be substantially higher. The good news is, it's a short, single leg flight. The chances of losing your bag are minimal.

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They are very very strict. Even a 22x14x9 didn't make it; yours will never make it, just pay to check it from the get-go. I'm surprised your 24" still gets on any airline as a carry-on, that's a full sized suitcase.

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I'm surprised your 24" still gets on any airline as a carry-on, that's
a full sized suitcase.

I'm astonished too. Our bags are about that size, and we expect to check them anytime we bring them. Yes, RyanAir is very strict about their guidelines so plan to check it.

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Very, very, very.

They are now putting a face on which they hope shows that they are friendly(ier) to the passenger but they simply don't waver from their policies, especially the carry on policy.

A snowball's chance in July - in Rome.

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Thanks all! And my bad, my suitcase is actually 21x15x10. It has worked great as a carry on and I fly probably once a month with it. Regardless, you all are probably right in that I should plan on checking it due to the smaller restrictions. I realized it saves about $40 if you pay for it online ahead of time instead of when you get to the airport so I will plan on that! Thanks again and happy travels!

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I think I read somewhere that majority of RyanAir revenues comes from the extra charges and not the tickets. We have had better experiences with easyJet.

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I have found in the past that many European budget airlines are also very strict on weight of the suitcase. Check the regulations carefully.

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Good point, Barb. I've found it is easy to exceed the weight limit within the size limit, particularly with a wheeled suitcase. That person's suitcase is bigger than regulation so will probably be overweight, too. Ryan allows 10kg or 22#.