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How crazy is this?

I just ordered two pairs of shoes, Ryka tennis shoes and Fitflop sandals (not flip flops) and an extra small Travelon crossbody bag for my next tour -- in 2021! Hey, my feet love the shoes and I love the purse. I know all will be discontinued soon. Gotta get them while I can. My travel hoard just grows and grows in anticipation.

Too bad the house requires our discretionary money next year. It's starving for a paint job, a new A/C and a bathroom redo; all have been put off way too long.

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I read many years ago that having something happy to look forward to, planning for it, is essential for mental health. So I heartily agree with you! I do the same. I bet many people do the same too. Have a great trip in 2021!

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Ha! I just ordered a replacement pair of my favorite travel shoes - Keen's Rose Sandal in black, for my next trip and I've just been home from my France trip one week! I will be very disappointed if they ever discontinue these. They're the only shoe that is 100% comfortable from the moment I put them on, plus check all of my requirements for the perfect travel shoe.

Where are you planning to go in 2021?

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hw, its not crazy, its smart to have your shoes well broken in before your trip.

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Horsewoofie, if anyone deserves to have another trip to Europe to look forward to it is you!

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Love it! Always good to have something in the plans and be able to take small steps towards it.

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Glad to know I'm not crazy after all!

I don't know which tour in 2021. It depends who wants to go with me or if I go solo. First choice right now is RS Loire Valley; second choice is Best of Tuscany; however that can change. But if a "horsey" person wants to travel with me, I am confident that we can do the Lippizan horse tour (Lipica, Piber, Vienna and surrounding areas) on our own -- see how much I learned from everyone!

Jean, you'd better buy several pairs of your Keen's sandals while you can. Unless your luck is better than mine, whatever I like will soon be discontinued.

Carol, thanks for the kind thought. We actually got restitution checks. So far three for each of us: $8.49, $22.98 and $22.98, a whopping 1% of the money we spent for the tour and other costs.

Jazz + Travel, Dressage and Show Jumping World Cup will be in Las Vegas next year so that would be fun.

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It will be here before you know it! ALWAYS get it when you see it, no matter what "it" is, cause when you need it you will land up paying more or it will be discontinued!

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If you decide to take the Loire to the South of France Tour you may be in for a wonderful surprise. We were so fortunate to see the horses of the Camarque! Unforgettable. Along with this we saw the Flamingo's as well. This was one of our top favorite tours!

Keep dreaming & planning. ;)