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How much can you stand to know about packing cubes?

PackHacker has condensed their extensively researched packing cube article into a seemingly endless video.

Content warnings: Man bun and up-talk. Some viewers may become impatient or get weirded out.

This guy could work for consumer's report. Someone (dare I say?) who purchased way too many packing cubes and has too much time on his hands.
OCD types could discuss dimensions, materials used, field tests, colors, costs, weight, water resistance, smell, etc.. (I fall into this category myself.)

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In general, a great video and accompanying blog article. But I have a few gripes

“Neatly organized system or a jumbled mess of creased clothing.”

This is a nit. It is a logical fallacy known as binary, or black or white fallacy. It assumes there are only two modes of packing (organized or wrinkled mess). Some people use a combination method and it works too. For example, you can bundle wrap and use tie downs for your clothes and also include a few packing cubes.

“There are tons of different packing cubes in all sorts of shapes and sizes with tons of different use cases”

This statement made my head hurt. It’s a complete and total misuse of an engineering term, and it made him look like an idiot. Products never have use cases. Never, never, never. We create use cases (use scenarios) when we are creating requirements for a system or a problem we are solving.

Cube types

No mention of coated Vs uncoated nylon. A common example of coated nylon is silnylon. Coated materials are stronger but more expensive. It slightly decreases breathability but not as much as a waterproof coating. The advantage is that coated materials provide tear resistance. It’s what makes silnylon superior to regular nylon.

Half opening cube

The video didn’t mention that cubes with half openings are lighter than full openings. The zipper is a huge part of the cube packing weight, so a half zip cube will be lighter than a full zip cube. For example a medium specter (half opening) cube weighs 1 oz where a specter tech (full opening) cube weighs 1.8 oz. This isn’t important for many, but important to those trying to shave a few extra ounces off of their bag weight. BTW, a compression cube with the extra zipper weighs 5.3 oz.

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Wouldn't "tons of different packing cubes" defeat the purpose? What if we took along a suitcase full of nothing but packing cubes? What would we wear? ;-)

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I started to watch this video a couple of days ago and got bored.

What type of packing cube you use depends on what you want to pack, how you want to pack and your ultimate goal.

If your best shirt is a t-shirt then you would pack differently than someone taking a dress shirt. If your goal is packing the lightest bag possible then you would choose cubes different than those who want more protection.

It will also depend on the type of bag you are using.

I am constantly changing which cubes I use to find what will work best for me and my packing needs. I think I'm getting close.

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Sun-baked in Florida:

OCD types could discuss dimensions, materials used, field tests, colors, costs, weight, water resistance, smell, etc.. (I fall into this category myself.)

Me too! Haha!