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How does this packing list sound?

17 days in Spain. Looks to be HOT

4 tee shirts: 2 black, 1 light blue, 1 orange
2 longer sleeveless silk crepe type shirts 1 orange, 1 black and beige pattern
1 oversized long sleeve white button down to go over any of the tops and dresses and in a pinch bathing suit cover up
1 black skirt
1 black linen shorts (pockets)
2 skorts 1 black 1 grey (both have pockets)
2 dresses: 1 sleeveless black with deep pockets (wear on plane) 1 olive green tee shirt dress short sleeves
2 cardigans 1 orange 1 black (wear 1 on plane) do I need both?
Bathing suit
5 fast drying under-roos
3 bras (wear 1 on plane)
Sleeping tee shirt
2 pairs of black comfy Mary Janes (wear 1 on plane)
3 scarves: orange, black, and black and white for my hair

Possible addition: grey skort with black and white pattern cute but no pockets. Talk me out of it.

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2 cardigans 1 orange 1 black (wear 1 on plane) do I need both?

When I went on my hot weather trip this spring, I started out with 2 cardigans, but left one at my departure airport (rookie mistake.) I made much better use of my long- and short-sleeved tops that went over my tanks and dress than I did of my remaining cardigan.

So, I would not take the 2nd cardigan. Instead, I would add a short-sleeved button down to go over the same tops as the long-sleeved button down.

Doing the math, that's a lot of dresses/skirts/shorts/skorts: 6 and a possible 7th. If you wear each of the 6 three times, you've more than covered the trip. So you may not really need all of them, much less the possible addition. But then, I took a few extra fun pieces because my summer clothes were so light weight that I was still well within my personal weight preference.

If you're within your own suitcase weight tolerance - and ability to lug it through whatever trip you have planned - then bring what you want. If you can't lug it through an airport or on and off trains or up into overhead bins, or up stairs to your hotel, or whatever else your itinerary has in store for you, then you may need to leave a few fun pieces behind.

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Looks good. Make sure to have a scarf to cover your shoulders in churches, if needed.

I always have to factor in extra outfits in hot weather. Let’s say we do some sightseeing during the day, then go the the beach/pool. After showering, I cannot put on the same outfit from the morning. No way. So I need a second outfit for the evening, especially if we’re going out for dinner. I like a lightweight dress for these times. If I’m not wearing it for long, I can wear it again on another evening, or the next day for sightseeing. I love, love, love this dress from GapFactory. Super lightweight and dries overnight, if needed:

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Are you going barefoot? Or is it just that I need new glasses? I don't see any mention of shoes or stockings.

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I find that in hot weather I cannot wear a scarf around my neck so I’d just take one for a cooler evening or church coverup. Also I’d take a pair of sandals to Spain rather then a second pair of Mary Janes. I need slip on sandals to wear in my lodging and I’m a year round sandal, walk 10,000+ steps a day over all types of pavement person.

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I would take a sun hat and sunglasses and fewer scarves. If it’s hot, you have too much black. Although black is my staple colour, I don’t wear it anywhere hot and sunny. The sun fades black quickly.

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Definitely only one cardigan.

I think that's more clothing than you need. It's about twice what I take for 4-1/2 months.

How many times are you changing hotels? What are you going to do with all those clothes at each new hotel? Will they stay in the suitcase? Will they be reasonably unwrinkled when you take the garments out to wear? Will you be able to find what you want quickly? I wouldn't want to unpack and hang up so many clothes each time I changed hotels, even if I weren't limited to the three hangers which appear to be standard in budget-class single rooms. My better hotels have often had four or five hangers--still not enough even for my limited travel wardrobe.

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One cardigan, take 1 less scarf and buy one there, your feet will swell so take that into account with shoes, if you go home and shower and then change to go out for dinner you may not want to wedge your feet into MJs again. Will your legs be cold on the plane in a dress? What about a purse? If you have a small travel purse or small, ligh backpack do you really need pockets? But do you really need another skort, you already have 4 bottoms and 2 dresses. And like someone already said, that's a lot of black when it's going to be HOT. Not everywhere you go will be air conditioned. Do you have room for souvenirs?

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Maybe another swimsuit? Putting on a wet swimsuit has thrown my hip out.

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Shoes add weight and bulk so I make sure I really need every pair I bring. You've done a great job with your color scheme and black shoes will match everything. You two pair are both black, the same style and described as comfy. Two identical pairs would be justifiable if you were going to see some rain, in case the first get wet. But it sounds like you're going to a hot dry place (no rain jacket on your list). I'd wing it with one pair. Or I'd opt for my 2nd pair of footwear to be sandals, for when I'm in my swimsuit or want a more summer-y look. (Mine are very comfortable and I can walk miles in them.)

Otherwise, I like your packing list. 6 tops, 4 bottoms, 2 dresses seems perfect. I might swap out a pair of capris instead of the black shorts, as you need knees covered in churches, and with your list, you're limited to your skirt or one of the dresses on any day there's a church visit in the itinerary. I think you can leave out the 3rd skort and one of the cardigans. Also, one of the bras since you're obviously planning to hand wash.

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Women-specific packing lists galore:

Editorial: Men tend to require less but that might be cultural as much as genes. Packing light simply requires a leap of fatih that you can truly make do with fewer clothing items, dress in layers, no one cares that you're wearing the same thing twice, and you can always buy additional layers in country if absolutely necessary.

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I love black shirts and have many. But in the heat and sun white is likely a better choice. Perhaps swap a white shirt for one of the black shirts. Or swap a white shirt for one of the black bottoms. You can wear bottoms more than once. Or plan to use your white button down shirt kind of like a cardigan over to protect you.

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I agree with Laurie Ann about the black tee. I'd cut one unless they are necessary. Since it is going to be really hot I'd probably just take 3 tees since you are taking the 2 silky shirts. I would not take the extra cardigan or extra skort.

With 5 basic shirts (minus 1 tee and counting the tees and silky shirts but not the coverup) and 4 bottoms (not counting the extra skort) that is 20 outfits if every shirt goes with every bottom. Then you have the 2 dresses so that gives you 22 possible outfits for 17 days.

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We just did very hot Greece and I packed the lightest yet and it was perfect for me. I also wore a sleeveless sundress (with pockets) on the plane with my one very light cardigan and my one very light scarf and compression socks(over knees) and exercise skinny shorts underneath because airplane seats and my dress was only knee length. It was perfect. I did laundry while we had a machine and we hand washed two different outfits once. First time I have handwashed and while not my favorite I am glad I didn’t bring extra clothes.

You don’t need that many T-shirts if it is that hot and you do not want black. I don’t think you need that many scarves either if it is that hot. You also only need one sweater and you do not need to add another skort. Personally I would knock out one of the bottoms (probably the skort because that is a lot of extra material that would just make me hotter)

I ended up with
3 dresses - one with sleeves and over knees, one sleeveless and one spaghetti strap
2 shorts
2 tank tops
1 tshirt
1 button down white short sleeve. Worked over swimsuit and sleeveless dresses, this was used a lot
3 bras
6 underwear (tried the ongossamer this trip-love them)
3 socks (smart wool)
1 cardigan
1 scarf
1 nightgown
1 tennis shoe
1 walking sandal

Good luck, take what makes you feel good and test them out here, if you notice one little thing that doesn’t feel right it will really bother you while you are gone. If you love your selections, then take those items and you will be happy!

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I would drop one of the black tee shirts since it’s a duplicate. If you were planning to wear them two days in a row, in hot weather, anything fairly lightweight should be dry the next morning if sinkwashed.

I would only bring one cardigan. (I didn’t bring any for Spain in October and didn’t need one.)

Does your crepe shirt fabric stick to you if it’s a very hot day or make you feel even hotter? Some fabrics like those make me feel very hot.

My only other comment is a personal one, so feel free to ignore it - LOL! I pack very light - four outfits total and add a couple of colorful scarves to give me a change out of colors. I see mostly black/neutral/orange (plus the blue tee) and even the scarves are the same color. Keeping the same few colors over the 17 days would make me feel like I’m wearing the same, same…. even though the pieces are changing. If it’s something that might bother you, maybe add a scarf in a completely different color that still matches your neutrals.

Have a great time! Spain is beautiful!

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4 tee shirts: 2
2 longer sleeveless silk shirts: 0
1 oversized long sleeve : 2
1 black skirt: 1
1 black linen shorts: 0, you have skorts which are far more practical
2 skorts: 2
2 dresses: tough call but probably just 1 since you already have the LBS
2 cardigans: 1
1 Bathing suit: 1
5 fast drying under-roos: 3
3 bras: 3
Sleeping tee shirt: 0
2 pairs Mary Janes: 1 MJ, 1 more practical pair
3 scarves: 1

Other practical advice: No cottons, linens, or fabrics that wrinkle; stick with merino, polyesters, and synthetics. Whatever you pack, when you get home, ruthlessly deconstruct this load and never again take anything you did not use, did not wear, or did not really need. "Just in case" packing is nutty.

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Thanks all!

Packed today and weighed in at 15.9 lbs

The scarves are strictly for my hair in place of a headband — I get too hot wearing them around my neck
I’ll bring a roll up sun hat and a cross body bag

Dresses and shorts are long enough to cover my knees for churches (is Spain as strict about that as Italy?)

I’ll lose the extra sweater and trade out one pair of shoes for some espadrilles that I can walk in but leave the MJ’s (Keen brand) for the days we’ll be walking a lot.

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The Barcelona Cathedral was turning people away in 2016.

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Packed today and weighed in at 15.9 lbs


If you make the additional effort to weigh every object separately, you may be surprised, even SHOCKED, at which items add the most mass and how quickly the total mass adds up. As we used to say in the ultralight backpacking niche, if you take care of the ounces, the pounds will take care of themselves. Bet you could get it down to 14# with just a wee bit of ruthless editing.

Hope you will post a trip report and consider telling us how your packing list worked out for you. Happy travels!