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How a pilot packs

This guy is a big goofball vlogging United airline pilot, and as part of this episode he describes how he packs. Everyone has their own style, their own rules, their own likes and dislikes, this is just an example of what a "pro" does. I've cued it up to the packing part, you're obviously free to watch the rest of the episode as well.

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Enjoyed that! Thank you! Like the United pilot, I wear black because it matches everything, it’s easy, it’s no fuss. And the man pronounces Adidas correctly!

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I've found that with regular showering you can wear the same clothes longer. I mean, morning and before bed. Not hard to do. Just need to change undergarments and socks, of course. That can get gross quickly, my friends.

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I'm not sure I can trust a pilot wearing a backwards ball cap ;-))

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I probably wouldn’t have watched this if it wasn’t for the poster who said that the pilot says Adidas correctly and that I had to hear because hardly anyone knows that and they don’t believe it when you tell them!
Any yes, I take a lot of black clothes as well.

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He says Adidas correctly, but (and this isn't the only time I've heard an American say it like this) he says Edinburgh like Edinburrow and adds in some extra letters that aren't there...

The undershirts surprise me, as I thought there were a relic of the 1950s!