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Help! Need to pack extra for wedding.

We are planning a 3 week trip to Europe this summer. Usually we would be packing extremely light, however we are attending a wedding in Amsterdam at the very beginning of our trip. This means I will have to pack a suit and dress shoes (casual clothes are not an option). After the wedding I would really prefer not to have to lug the suit and shoes around Europe as it will significantly increase the size of my luggage. Any suggestions?

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welcome Jumper12000,

as ed suggest ship it home.

i believe there is no postal service per say anymore, but they are run out of convenience stores.

i havent shipped anything home from the Neatherlands, yet, but have from every country on my travels. also, what i found out is that the local/domestic postal service is less expensive than UPS/FEDEX/DHL. Note that DHL is just about everywhere in germany and i think is their "UPS".

if you do, make sure you wrap the clothes in a plastic bag to keep it clean and free from rubbing in the box.

happy trails.

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Mailboxes Etc usually handle several different shippers, I've shipped things back several times. Lucky the wedding is at the beginning of the trip!

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Since you won't be home yet, ship it to someone who will be (mom's address, etc.). On the customs form, put "extra clothes, used" and put the value at $0.

Are you going back to Amsterdam to fly home? Given your question, I'm assuming not.