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Hello Mello Weekender Travel Wrap

I was at my Bunco group recently and I won this.....a Hello Mello Weekender Travel Wrap:
It's also sold on Amazon and my girlfriend found it at a Hallmark shop in Houston.

Admittedly, I haven't used it on a trip yet, but it's really nice. I received the navy color. The tag says its made of 62% poly, 33% rayon and 5% spandex. It feels like a cozy jersey knit.

It's not as "dressy" as some wraps/pashminas, but it seems like it will be great for casual wear and seems warmer than my current pashmina.

Anyway, with the lack of travel as of late, it's nice to plan for future trips.

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I received an email saying my post has been reported to the webmaster. Are we not allowed to share items we have found that may be of benefit to others? I didn't realize my post was inappropriate. I have no connection to the website.

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Someone probably thought you were trying to sell/ advertise something which is against the rules. Your post is still here so don’t worry about it. It might have concerned the person who reported it because of how you worded the title. Many people share their finds here.

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I was the one who reported to the webmaster, but I redacted it. When I read the post, it sounded like an ad. So, I reported and left a short post saying that. Then, I clicked on your name, saw your posting history and noticed the post was filed in the Packing section. I re-read the post, realized it was your personal endorsement of the article (not an ad), felt bad that I reported the post, notified the webmaster of such, and removed my previous comment. My apologies!

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Dave, you are a true gentleman. Thanks for stepping up, both for reporting a possible ad, then cancelling when you realized your mistake. And then explaining what happened. Wow.

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I can vouch for PandaBear. She’s come to some of the Rick Steves travel group meetings.
A nice person with true travel experience.

Maybe you can bring the wrap to the next meeting? After the lockdown ends....

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I had exactly the same reaction. Always suspicious when the web site shows up in the first line or two. And I thought it was a little too chatty. But when I checked on the name and saw over 50+ postings I assume it was legit. Just a good recommendation from a frequent poster.

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Thank you everyone, I guess I was just panicked I'd be banned for posting inappropriately! And I was so excited to share something I'd found, since I've benefited so much from so many other posts.

Cindy, if we ever get out of "shelter in place", I will definitely bring it for sharing at a Travel Group meeting. Not too optimistic at this point, as the governor just announced it to be state wide now!