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Heads up on raincoat vs umbrella

I see a lot of posters mention packing a raincoat. Now I'm huge fan of raincoats, always have been (so practical :)). But on my last trip to France, I was in Avignon when a shower hit. Flipped up my hood, looked around and realized I was the only one in a crowd of about 50 people who was wearing a raincoat - everyone else had an umbrella. And. I. mean. EVERYONE. Talk about feeling out of place! And this was Provence, not uber-chic Paris. First thing I'm packing for this trip is a travel umbrella.
I really wish I'd know that before I left last time, so file that info away if you like to blend in.

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Hehe, it does sometimes happen that picking the most practical option makes you feel out of place with the locals, who have got their own habits and a more accessible home/office, where they can change in case they get wet, whereas you, as a tourist, might have to ruin a day of exploring by going back to the hotel.

Would the umbrella have been enough? :D

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It also depends on how hot it is. I think I will be taking an umbrella, and a really lightweight rain cape to throw in my purse. If it was cooler weather, I'd probably take the type of jacket you are speaking of..with the hood.

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The locals can only tell if you are one of them by use of an other possible telltale signs.

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I actually pack both...and use both! I'd rather be dry as I can guarantee you that even with an umbrella instead of a rain coat/jacket I do not blend in!

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But Pam, you DO blend in...with all of us other tourists!

Personally, I don't want to be deported for poking someone's eye with an umbrella so I always take a raincoat; my husband always takes an umbrella. To each his or her own.