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Hand luggage

Its 32 days before I go to Southern Spain, just doing my packing list. For four day trip.

5 tshirts
3 day shorts
2 swim shorts
One shirt
Two polo shirt
One pair of chinos
One pair of jeans
Flip flops

Is this to much or just the right amount. Would love to hear your thoughts and what you would pack for a similar amount of time.

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If your packing list makes you happy, why do you care what strangers think? By comparison, I pack a limited amount of clothing with eight shirts and five shorts being too many. And to pile on, I never pack chinos and jeans. Again, who cares other than you?

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I would say too much, but I don't know how often you need to change your clothing. It will still be quite warm so jeans may be too heavy/warm for that time of year......I don't see a rainjacket, or any kind of outerlayer. You might want something even if just for your arrival back home.
It might help to know what you are doing or where you are going. 4 days on the beach is different to 4 days in a city.

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City trip Jeans and chinos are for night time. It all fits in my bag nicely so am good to go along with RS snapshot Sevilla and southern Spain

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A lot of clothing for 4 days. One t-shirt for each day plus a spare. Five shorts (3 "day" + 2 swim) for 4 days, plus long pants. But if it fits and you don't mind carrying the load....

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Good for two months. Good for four days. I assume you will be wearing clothing,including a jacket of some sort as you fly. Take what you want if it fits your bag and isn't too heavy.

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Waaaayyyyyy too much for me for 4 days. But no right way to travel or pack. If that list works for you, go for it.

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For a four day, I would take about half

Either the Chinos or jeans. Personally would leave the jeans
Why 2 swim shorts? I actually have a pair of shorts that double as a swim short.

3 shorts -- you cannot wear a pair of shorts for more than one day? I would take only one pair.

Same for polo shirts - one.

5 tshirts -- assume you are wearing one each day. Normally I would only take three and hand wash but for four days you don't have to wash.

Shoes -- ?? More than one pair?