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Hair Blowers in RS Scandanavia Tour Accommodations

Every trip I pack a hair blower with the worry that one of our accommodations will not have one. I don't believe that has ever happened but I thought I would ask the question of anyone who has travelled to Scandanavia on a Rick Steves Tour - do you recall if all accommodations provided a hair blower/dryer?

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I haven't been on the Scandinavian tour, but I'm almost certain that all of your hotels will provide hair dryers. Those seem to be standard equipment all over Europe these days.

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I took that tour a few years ago. As far as I remember, ever place we stayed had hair dryers. A couple places (B&B) you did have to ask at the front desk.

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I was on this tour last year. All hotels had blow dryers. The overnight cruise did NOT have one. The hotel in the Jotunheimen Mountains has the blow dryer at the front desk -- just ask when you're checking in.

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Scandinavian/Nordic countries are first world. Hotels there have first world amenities including towels and hair dryers.

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Once you get your list of hotels, you can check their websites to see if hair dryers are among the amenities listed. And if you are in doubt, you can email to ask. Whenever I have done that, the reply has always been that they do have hair dryers. So one less item for you to bring!

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Lois beat me to it. Each tour can use different hotels, so once you get the specific hotels your tour will use, then you can check each one's website, or email them directly if needed.

And yes, it's common that the hairdryer is not openly visible in the bathroom. It may be in a drawer in the bathroom, it may be in a drawer in another part of your room, or you may need to borrow it from the front desk. If you can't find it but the hotel indicates they have them, don't be afraid to ask!

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5828 posts, you can check their websites to see if hair dryers are among the amenities....

Don't be surprised or alarmed if the hotel's website doesn't list amenities like a hair dryer. It's pretty much a given for hotels with even a couple of "stars". We were at the Raddision Blu in Beitostolen and Oslo Gardenmoen Airport during our recent Norway trip. Checking their websites, neither bothers listing the small amenities are are more interested in advising about fitness facilities and in-room coffee/tea service than given amenities.

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Edgar is right--hair dryers are now so common that they may not be listed. But since I'd rather be sure, that's why I've sent the email asking. And, as noted, I haven't had to bring mine in ages!

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Norway unofficial hotel star rating:

About Hotels in Norway – Hotel rating & classification

There is no official hotel rating or classification in Norway, hence
there are no common rules of what to expect of the room standard,
common areas and services of the various hotels. We use the 3* and 4*
descriptions just as an estimate of the standard and services of the
hotels included in our tours, and the star estimate is meant to give
our international customers a rough idea of the hotel standard.

Price option B – 3*

When we use the 3* description we normally refer to bed & breakfast
hotels; hotels without hotel restaurants, bars, room service etc. The
rooms have private shower & toilet facilities, TV, towels and
normally a hair drier
. Buffet breakfast in a common breakfast room.

Price option A – 4*

When we use the 4* description we normally refer to a hotel with a
higher degree of service and common facilities than a 3* hotel;
normally with a restaurant, bar and room service (not necessarily 24
hours a day). The rooms have private shower & toilet facilities, TV,
towels, hair drier and normally trousers press or ironing facilities....

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The Swedish hotel classfication system is not compulsory and there are
currently around 650 hotels participating voluntarily in the SHR
ratings. The criteria are subject to annual review. The Swedish
classification system comprises three different categories of hotel.

Hotel: This category comprises hotels serving food over and above
breakfast. From one to five stars.

Hotel Superior: This category comprises hotels which have obtained a
higher number of additional points within each star rating.

Two Star: Hotel has, in addition to requirements for 1-star, bath towels
and washbasin with soap and shower cream as well as bedside lamp in
rooms. In addition at least 40% of the rooms have private
bathroom/toilet and TV. [No hair drier listed]

Three star: Service Desk function (at least 14 hours a day), all
rooms equipped with private bath / toilet, hairdryer, full-length
mirror, luggage stand, desk, radio, TV, access to internet, access to
the baggage service, laundry bag, shoe shine equipment, elevator.