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Google translate app question !

I just read a post where one said that they used the Google translate app offline because they downloaded the Italian language before they left.

How would you download the Italian language ???

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4411 posts's only available for Android users :-(

I Googled 'Google Translate offline' and found that iOS users still can't use it offline. iOS users can use the WordLens function offline.

(FWIW, iOS=Apple)

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According to the HELP link on the Google Translate app, the download - with suitable warning of the huge size of the file - is only available on Android devices. Not available for iOS devices at the moment.

If you are on Android you can tap the pin next to the language.

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I was a little concerned about the file size; it might be more practical to find an English-speaking Italian ;-)

This phrasebook would be smaller. Italians don't fit inside my day bag.

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Well Eileen, if you find an Italian willing to go and translate for you, I would get a bigger daybag:)

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I like the idea of finding an Italian to translate!!

If you can hold your phone-in google translate-up to a sign and have it translate the sign, would you need to be in a wifi zone?? It wouldn't work otherwise would it??

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I have the google translate app on my ipad. You can point the camera at writing, for example a magazine, and it will translate it without wifi. It should work the same way for signs.