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Goodhope Convertible carryon bag...

Has anyone used this bag? It is 12x18x6.5 and the size sounds perfect for a light packer like me. Any insights or comments?
I've used the Campmor Essentials bag in the past and it is a bit too big, so I cinch the outside with two straps, but that way I have to keep track of the straps when not in use.
I'd love to use a slightly smaller bag like this Goodhope bag.

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I have a Goodhope Convertible bag. I like it. It has many of the characteristics of an RS Convertible bag (wheel-less and light weight - 2¼#s, opens like a book, hideaway straps, minimal pockets, etc) but a lot smaller.

I've used it for one four-day trip and for a long weekend.

At 1400 ci, it actually fits everything I normally take to Europe for 2-3 weeks, but no extra space, so I haven't been tempted to use it over there.

I also have an Essential Carryon bag that I do take to Europe, but it is a little too large. Would like to find a similar (non-wheeled) bag at about 2000 ci (are you listening, ETBD?)

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Thanks for the info, Lee. I'm thinking it might fit everything going, but no space for anything extra on the way home, as you said.
Did you see my post where I said I had found a 3.85 lb. IT Luggage bag at TJMaxx, with wheels, that is smaller than the Essentials, and is also a bit expandable on the front, soft, side? I haven't used it yet, but might consider taking that on my trip in September instead of the Essentials... big decision. :)

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If you're willing to spend more than $50 for a bag, you night want to check out:

Yes, it is heavier than the Campmor or Goodhope Bag, but much sturdier.

The IT bag you mentioned will not stand up to much. It's fairly flimsy.

If you are willing to spend a little more on a bag you might want to check out:

By the way, I own or have owned every bag mentioned in this post.

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I wish bag makers would give realistic volumes for their bags. The Eagle Creek bag you mention is 20x13x8, which filled to the bags dimensions is almost my ideal at 2080 ci, but they have to claim 2500 ci, which, IMO, would be overstuffed and probably would not fit in a 9" sizer. So it is a little smaller than the Essential Carryon, but weighs ¾# more.

I really like the sternum strap and waist strap of the Mother Lode bag, but again, it's larger than I need (but it does have cinch straps) and twice as heavy as the Essential Carryon.

Why can't anyone make a bag that fits my ideal?

As for the quality, I would like to have the best zippers I could get, but the zippers on the Essential Carryon have proven adequate for me. However, admittedly, it is not overstuffed, which is what puts stress on zippers. I don't want heavy weight material, because it adds weight and as long as I carryon, it doesn't need to be gorilla proof. I'd rather have lighter weight than heavy walls.


while looking at the Mother Lode bag, I saw this one - the Eagle Creek etech-20-weekender-junior. Even though the "stuffed" dimensions from Eagle Creek say it's bigger than the Mother Lode, according to the maximum dimensions, it's a little smaller, and the weight is under less (2.7# vs over 3), and with the cinch straps, you should be able to make smaller loads tight. With the waist strap to take the weight off of the shoulders, no one can complain about it not rolling.

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Have you tried the Sky Train by Red Oxx? Red Oxx ( is expensive, but well worth it--we have several of their products. The Sky Train is a backpack (and can also be carried on the shoulder or by hand) and measures 20 x 9 x 13 (comes in 12 colors) with a capacity of 2340 cubic inches. Red Oxx has a lifetime warranty on all of their products so it if tears up, they will fix or replace it for you. My husband has used their Safari PR 5 duffle for carrying his football referee gear in on Fridays for high school football for several years now as well as for family trips and it still looks brand new. The Sky Train may be a bit bigger than what you need so you might want to look at their two rucksacks (Airborne Carry-on or Roadster Mini) to see if one of those might be more suitable for your needs.

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I can't see paying hundreds of dollars more for a bag that's only distinguishing attribute is that it weighs more.

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Lee...the etech is not made by Eagle Creek. It's eBags own brand.

And the reason no one makes the bag you want is probably because there isn't a big demand for it.

And just because the bag says it can hold 2500 cu in., it doesn't mean you have to pack that much. Most people want to pack as much as possible in their bags so the manufacturers put down the largest number they can. But if you didn't pack it to the hilt, it would easily fit in most sizers,

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"... the reason no one makes the bag you want ..."

A few people make regulation sized convertible bags (and a lot make oversized bags they call regulation carryons).

Then there is the 1400 ci Goodhope bag that is also well designed (opens like a book and has hideaway straps), but it's a little too small. Nothing in between.

eBags makes the Macroloader, at about 2000 ci, but it doesn't open fully or have hideaway straps. Maybe it's just intended as a book/gym bag. (BTW, I also own an Appenzell bag. It holds 1400 ci, so everything I take to Europe fits, with no extra space. It doesn't open fully, and the straps don't hide away, so it's been relegated to a gym bag.)

ETBD makes the Rolling Backpack, at 2000 ci, but puts wheels on it, which is entirely illogical because the people who only want that volume are the ones who have learned to pack light and don't need, or want, wheels.

I don't know if I can have my EC bag cut down or put cinch straps on it. I'm sure I can put on a sternum strap and my shoulders are strong enough to carry 11# without a waist strap.