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Go Tubbs containers

Just wanted to share about the Go Tubbs containers that I bought from Amazon recently.
(I'm not affiliated with the maker, I just wanted to review them.)

As I have two trips of two weeks each , coming up this year; I tested the containers for how many days product they would hold, before I travel.
I bought the very smallest round ones, 15 ml size, three in a set, each about one inch by one inch, with the squeeze- on lids.
I put face cream in one, toothpaste in the second, and hair putty/styling cream in the other.
I got 15 days of toothpaste use, brushing three times per day.
I got 14 days of face cream use, using twice a day.
Three weeks later, I've only used half the hair product, though I do have very short hair.

So I love them, as they take up hardly any room at all!
Would recommend them for the carry-on packers, as they will give you more room in your liquids bag.
On the other hand, I don't like the Go Tubes bottles at all.
Always looking for teeny containers!

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Thank you for your review! I’ve looked at these, but I was concerned that the description never addressed “leak proof” properties. Sounds like they worked well for you.

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I too am a big fan of the 15ml size of Go Tubbs. I find they work well for thick creams like hair styling paste, & face cream that don't leak. Also perfect to store some pills, breath mints... A great product! I don't care for Go Tubes either.

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Interesting, because as the first respondent noted they don't address leak-proof qualities — well, indeed on the page you linked to, they specifically say not to put anything that could be liquid, and emphasize that they are good for “dry” things. So your review is particularly helpful!

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I haven’t taken them on a trip yet,so don’t know if they’ll leak.
The three products I put in them are not liquid-y at all, so I think they’ll be fine.
For flying; I always put toiletry containers in plastic bags just in case.

I found bottles similar to, but half the size of Go Tubes, in my local Dollar Store.

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I've used Go-Tubbs on my last two trips. I would not trust them to be totally leak-proof, so I keep them inside Zip-Lock baggies. I haven't exactly had any leaks, but they can get messy around the seal because they sometimes travel upside down. I like them a lot for creams and pastes.

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I too always put bottles and containers in a gallon ziplock. Only leaks have been caused by me being in a hurry and not getting a lid on tight enough.

Be cautious of using silicon containers for long term storage as I've found the contents tend to dry out. When I get home I go ahead and finish using whatever is left.