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gloves for the Zugspitze

My husband and I are hiking up the Zugspitze (Hollentallklamm route) at the beginning of September. We plan on starting out very early (we are doing it in one day) and I have been looking for a good pair of gloves that will keep my hands warm as well as allow me the flexibility to grip the cables. Any suggestions?
Heck, any suggestions on hiking the Zugspitze at all? Carry plenty of water, food, first aid kit, lights, etc. Got all that covered. We are active people and currently hike wearing our packs. I am slowly adding weight to my pack so I will be used to the extra weight once there.

Thanks for your help!!

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Hi! I have hiked through the Hollentalklamm and as far as the hut at the base of the climb, but then went the other way, to the Alpspitze. So I have no suggestions for what you need, but it looks like you have it covered.

Where are the cables? Is it a Klettersteig route up the Zugspitze?

As far as gloves, you might consider something like these REI gloves:

They are lightweight but warm enough for summer use, very flexible, and most important they have grippy silicone strips on the palm and fingers. Otherwise gloves can be very slippery on cables, and not helpful at all. (Thinking here of the cables up Half Dome, where I found it better to use sweaty hands than the leather gloves borrowed at the base).

If you have extra time in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, I highly recommend the cabled path across the face of the Alpspitze. You start at the top of the Alpspitze cable car, and then follow the signs, basically bearing left along the ridge line to the face. There is also a direct Klettersteig to the summit (requiring harness, helmet, and carabiners)but I am talking about the easier path that follows ledges across the face, with one secured ladder at the end). You do not end at the summit, but can scramble up if you wish (we did not). Did it 18 years ago and what a great day that way.

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Hi Lola.
In answer to your question, yes....the "klettersteig" or "via feratta" route is passed the hut. Thank you for your insight into the climb. It is my first time doing this type of hike and I am insisting on the safety gear. My husband did this hike back in the 80's in tennis shoes and no gear.......stupid teenagers man! No way.....I'm playing it safe.