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Global Entry Card Activation

I am putting this in "packing" because I couldn't find another suitable topic, and I'm packing our GE cards for our trip to Egypt in Dec. Yes, we take them, even though they are not needed when entering the US by air.

I recently renewed both my and my husband's GE membership. I just noticed on the paperwork that came with my card that you need to activate your card within 30 days of receipt for use when crossing by land border between the US and Mexico or Canada. We plan to do this in June 2022 (Canada/US). I went online and successfully activated my card.

The problem is, we received my husband's card about a month before mine, and I can't remember if I activated it or not. When I log into his account, there is no button that says, "Activate Card" like there was when I logged into my account. I don't know if I activated it already, or if the button is gone because it is longer than 30 days since we received it.

When I go to the CBP website, there is some less than helpful information in the FAQs that just says you need to activate your card. I can't find a number to call or an email address. I checked to see about just getting a new card, and that costs $25. Does anyone have any experience with finding out if their card is activated?

Thank you!

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Did you find this number : Inquiries: (877) 227-5511