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Germany - Going through customs with prescription medication?

I'm going to Germany; wondering what others have experienced when going through customs with their meds. Did you need a medical certificate for each one, etc? Thanks.

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I have never been stopped at customs anywhere in Europe. I just walk out the green "nothing to declare" door. People pretty much know that these days, anyone over 50 is likely to have prescription meds. I have never known anyone to have a problem. Have them in their original containers if you want peace of mind, that will have your name on it.

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Provided that you carry only your personal medicines and they are limited to a plausible amount, there is no obligation to declare. Just walk through the green door ("nothing to declare") and nobody will care about your stuff.

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I add to the chorus.
a) 95% you will not get stopped.
b) If you are unlucky and get a random stop, they are not stupid. They know normal people carry medicines.

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Literally nothing. You get off the plane, go through passport control where they are concerned with your passport/documents, not your items. Once you are through that, you collect your luggage and walk out the door labeled "nothing to declare" and you are on your way - there is no one checking bags routinely or anything. You do not need to declare medication for personal use.

Random checks do happen, but I've never seen it. As mentioned, it is legal to bring your medications anyway, so any random check wouldn't really care about that, they'd be looking for prohibited items. If you take highly regulated narcotics then I'd look a little more into the rules, but for most medications it's a non-issue.

If your medications are liquid then going through airline security will be similar to the US. Flying with liquid medications is allowed, but they will look at it. You'd need to show a RX label with your name, matching your passport.

Generally, keep RX meds in their bottle with your name, or at least have the pharmacy print you a new label to keep with the pills. This is more to show a local doctor in case you need assistance, though.

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No one in customs or Border Control has ever asked me regarding carrying my needed meds, no problems at all, be it in Frankfurt, Paris or London. I don't carry a copy of my prescriptions either...totally not needed. If I need a prescription, that will be done by a German doctor, which is what the pharmacy will demand and accept....experienced that once in Berlin in 2017.

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Definitely keep them in their original labeled container(s). Shouldn't be an issue.

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This is what we do to save space and weight and we've never had a problem anywhere in Europe or the U.S. doing it this way. Of course, there aren't any guarantees about anything anymore. So it just depends on your risk tolerance.

Have the pharmacy print out extra labels. Put the meds in a freezer zip lock and put the extra label on it. Take the original data sheet that comes with the RX with you to show that it is for you. There are some state laws that require prescription meds to be in original containers, but they are rarely enforced. I remember reading about only one case in the last 20 years.

Having said all that, if you are taking some really high powered narcotic type prescription you might want to consider leaving that in the original container

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I was never stopped going through customs in Europe (at least 30 times). However I was stopped several times going through customs in the US. They were not interested in my medication.

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As most have said, I too have never been stopped or questioned. I try to take them in the original container. My nasal spray and eye drops are in bottles but come in bulky boxes. I cut off the label and put it and the bottles in a zip lock with all my other prescription meds. This is separate from my TSA 311 bag of cosmetics, lotions, etc. Meds don't get included in that rule.

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as long as they aren't controlled substances