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front pockets

In planning my first trip to France, I have seen all the references regarding pick pockets. I have a neck wallet for my "deep storage" passport and other such things. For more accessible but still secure storage, will I be reasonably safe from pick pockets with shirt pockets that have either zippers or snaps or button flaps? I understand these pick pockets are pros, but surely I would be ok with these types of pockets? I am not putting anything in my pants pockets. TIA.

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Should be but nothing is perfect. I have always used secured shirt pockets with no problems. However, there was a recent posting from a women who lost a credit card from her bra and didn't feel a thing.

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I would place coins in your pants pockets if you're using your shirt pockets for paper money, so there's nothing bulky visible in your shirt pocket, i.e. one or two Euro notes to buy lunch, etc.

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That sounds like a safe enough plan for small amounts of cash. Worst-case-scenario, you may risk losing 25 or 50 euros and could afford that small risk.

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You could always safety pin that pocket closed if you are wearing it under another piece of clothing. It won't stop them, but it will slow them down.