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Thanks Mona! Bought the Rolling Carry On yesterday 😃 👜 ✈️

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And there's another bargain from the RS store, today only, March 16. $20 for 18 discs and 110 of his tv shows. Quite a deal.

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Someone tell me why I shouldn't purchase the Euro Flight Bag when I have one in the previous incarnation.

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Andrea, the newer Euro bag has a snap on the strap that goes over the roller bag pull-out handle to help stabilize it.
But you could probably take your older one to a shoe or luggage repair place and get a snap (or even velcro) put on for a lot less money.

Okay Andrea - let me give you some excuses to help you out. The euro flight bag is hard to lug around unless you attach it to a suitcase handle. A backpack is much easier to lug through an airport. I hope this reduces your impulse to buy another bag that you don't really need. I have to rationalize not buying more stuff - like a Bihn backpack. I already have a "bag" and packing cubes for just about everything.

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Shipping charges are outrageous. What connection is there between shipping weight and shipping cost? None that I can think of.