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For gals, looking for bike shorts/slip shorts with pockets

I'm working on assembling clothes for a hot/very hot weather vacation.

I'm thinking of doing a few loose fitting knit dresses, about mid thigh in length. Underneath, something extremely lightweight, like slip shorts, but not transparent, something that will look more like leggings, about 9-10 inches in length. AND, I want some pockets in the shorts. Something I could put a few credit cards and my passport. (So like having a built in money belt).

I can see shorts similar to what I'm looking for on Amazon, but not sure how cool they would be.

Hoping to get some ideas from gals that have used this type of short.

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For me, they absolutely must be cotton. Unfortunately, I have never found cotton bike shorts with pockets.

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Love Sweaty Betty! Their leggings and bike shorts are high quality, have pockets at the waist (and sometimes on the hip), compressive (if you're into that), and sweat wicking. Spanx also has an option ( that I haven't tried yet, but their swimwear is fab and holds up for years. For affordable, I like Cotton On which is now sold at Macy's.

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Depending on when you go.. (this takes a while)

They are made to order and are current way behind (They nearly had to close but apparently a rescue effort by their fans of spending BOATLOADS of money has staved that off- Yes I am one of those who spent a ton of money :) However, we overloaded the small staff so things are on delay) But these shorts and their skirts with shorts have great pockets and do NOT move. I can run a half marathon and those shorts stay in place. Made of wicking fabric so they stay cool.

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I noticed some yesterday at my local Costco, although I'm not sure if they had pockets or not. I think they were in a pack of 2 or 3. Unfortunately, I don't remember the brand name, either.

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I really appreciate the ideas!

Thanks Sherry, I'll take a look, I'm about to look at Costco's website. (Found them. They are Danskin, 2 pair for $18, good reviews, no pockets :( )

I do like the Thigh Society, but I'm wondering if the cargo ones are as cool as the other shorts. I'm needing something for very hot weather.

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Try the physical store. I just bought a set at a Costco in Oregon—Danskin, 2 pack, high waisted with pockets $16.95. Was looking because of this thread.

EDIT—when I looked online what I see does say side pockets. More color choices in store though including 2 black pair and a black and medium blue combo.

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I have the Danskin bike shorts from Costco from last year. I like them and the pockets are great, but the fabric can feel a bit thick/heavy on a hot day. A place like TJ Maxx might be a great place to look. I have a few pairs of the 32° Reflex brand shorts, and those feel much thinner, though mine do not have pockets. They are a few years old, so I wonder if they have similar pairs with pockets now. Good luck with your search!

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If you sweat most bike shorts don't keep you cool except for maybe cotton. I would stay away from spandex or any tight-fitting shorts in really hot weather. Learned the hard way wearing spandex on a long summer hike.

I honestly find hiking pants like from REI cooler and you can adjust the length.

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I have jockey brand slip shorts and I imagine the thigh society is similar in weight. Just wish I knew if the cargo style were as cooling before ordering.

So, the Costco style, Danskin brand, does have pockets. How do I know? They are waiting on the seat of my car to be exchanged. Unless, mine are mislabeled they run quite big. I had forgotten I’d purchased them! I think, though, they are too hot for Turkey and Greece at the end of August. I do think that they would be useful for other situations.

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Have you considered board shorts? Generally looser fit and no Spandex.

And I think someone makes skirts with built-in shorts that have "hidden" pockets in the shorts. Maybe Scottevest?

I have also seen boy-short style underwear with pockets on another packing light blog.

And don't forget the anti-chafing stick.