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Food52 reviews some carryons

Considering a new hard-side spinner for your upcoming trip?
Food52 puts eyes on some high end ($300+) carryon luggage.

These folks mean well, I suppose, but I've been reading their site for years (just can't stop) and they get sooooo much, like, totally wrong. Especially when it comes to things I do know something about: espresso, cookware, knives, spices, sous vide, and the like. One must read their "expert reviews" carefully because you most likely have knowledge acquired through real world experience.

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Bogiesan, I totally agree - I like Food52, too, but you do need to cull through their stuff. Although they saved me once when I had a 9 hour layover at LAX (due to delays). I was in the Delta SM Lounge and spent the entire time scrolling through Food52 and Apartment Therapy on my phone. By the time I was done, I had mentally spent thousands of dollars and totally redesigned my kitchen and house. :)

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Most, if not all, of these open in the 50:50 "book style", which is not convenient for packing. My personal favorite is Lojel's Cubo line, which offers the best of both worlds: protection from a hard case and packing convenience as a soft case.