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Followup RE: 5-month Itinerary Luggage Situation

Hello all,

Just posting to thank everyone on here for helping me figure out a luggage situation for a multi-month stay in Europe this year! I posted about a year ago, and some had wanted me to follow up with the itinerary I ended up going with as well as the luggage situation I chose! I'll be sticking with my 24" RS bag if it withstands the travels I'm currently doing this month in the U.S., as well as getting the "Tourist" Victorinox convertible backpack/rolling carryon. And as promised, here is my itinerary! (Some of those I've talked to will remember that I work remotely, so rather than four months of sightseeing, it's more like four months of working a full time job and just living like a local in each base city.

August 26th - September 9th: Bern, Switzerland
September 9th - September 16th: Paris (this is my no-work vacation week!)
September 16th - September 30th: Ghent, Belgium
September 30th - October 18th: Utrecht, Netherlands
October 18th - November 15th: Edinburgh, Scotland
November 15th - December 13th: Somewhere in England (haven't decided yet...honestly will be anywhere that fits my budget and is livable without a car - suggestions?)

Thanks for all your input on both my luggage situation and itinerary - it helped me form what I think will be a once in a lifetime trip! Please don't hesitate to put in any recommends for day trips!

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Moreton-in-Marsh in the Cotswolds. Daytrips to London, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick, Oxford, and all over the Cotswold villages (by bus). There is a train from Moreton to London.

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Thanks for the Cotswolds recommend! I always figured it wasn't all that doable (although I knew there was a bus system) without a car, but I will look into Moreton-on-Marsh further! It was definitely on my list in terms of original places I'd like to stay, but I had exed it out due to lack of car. The possibility of all those daytrips is fabulous! I wonder if anyone else has stayed in the Cotswolds area for a month? One would think that since it's on such a smaller scale than staying somewhere like London (which I've already done and am looking for something different anyhow) after a month, you'd more than likely truly feel like a temporary local!

Thanks, Swan!