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Excellent lightweight shoulder/duffel bag and backpack attachable to luggage handle

Hi folks:

While in Germany and Spain, I discovered this trendy fashion/life goods brand with yuppie minimalist designs. They currently have a sale for two very useful items:

  1. Standard size backpack with water repellent fabric and "smart strap" for luggage handle attachment

  2. Ultra lightweight shoulder bag with "smart strap" for luggage handle attachment

I have the second item. It is the lightest bag I have ever had and looks pretty nice. It's not a good idea to check it in, but I bring it to Europe as an extra bag in case I do too much shopping.

In addition to good bags, Muji also makes very good clothing, esp. their French linen line. I bought some while in Madrid and Berlin at very reasonable prices. Sizing is not generous--they don't make plus sizes. Got a 100% French linen (super soft!) dress for EUR29. The same dress would have cost me over $100 here in the US.

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Thanks for the correction. What I really meant was that I discovered Muji in Europe. They had crazy clearance sale at their German stores in July 2018 and I bought a TON of stuff at bargain prices. I also bought quite a few things at their Madrid store in either May or August 2019, and got several linen tops and dresses. They even sold French linen men's pants for about 20 Euros. Unbelievable.

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Most of their U.S. stores have closed (except in NYC) but you can still order online. (Blame the pandemic.) Some of their products are also available on Amazon. I'm a regular at their London stores.

I went to their flagship store in Tokyo a couple of years ago. Five stories plus two restaurants and a hotel.

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What I like about their products is the quality of workmanship and design--minimal in looks but not in functionality.

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Thank you for this great tip barkinpark!